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Journal cascadefx's Journal: I guess Sadam was a target from the beginning... 1

Don't you just love the Freedom of Information Act. Seems a law student blogger exercised his FoIA rights and got Rumsfeld's notes from soon after the Semptember 11th attacks.,,1716842,00.html.

The blog post is can be found at

The flickr image of the Rumsfeld notes can be viewed at

What I find interesting about this, above and beyond the actual content - which is fascinating in itself - is just the transmission speed. One person makes the FoIA request and posts the results on his blog. 8 days later, it is picked up by the Guardian, then it shows up at the top of It's not novel or new... but I still am awed by this sort of thing. Even 5 years ago, this would be such a foreign idea. Very strange and very interesting in my mind.

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I guess Sadam was a target from the beginning...

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  • I'll never forget where I was on the morning of Sept. 11.

    I was in my car, a 1999 Firebird which I no longer have, on an interstate on my way to work. I heard about the first plane, which at the time was guessed to be an accident, on the Mikey in the Morning show on the now defunct 97.1 KEGL. I thought it was a sick prank, so I changed the station to WBAP 820, just in time for the second plane to hit.

    My words: "Oh shit, we're under attack". And I looked up to scan the skies, as I had no idea how many plan

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