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OK. Maybe I wont be a bullrider.

But i'm still getting the hell out of here.

Last journal I was soo close to doing it. Leaving california but we backed out, we felt at the time the only way to feel comfortable moving is to buy a house there and at that time we just were not ready to buy a house.

Works been sketchy, I still enjoy my job but there are soo many things that need to be done that are beyond the ability of anyone here. Uh, I mean there, I wouldn't write this from work now, would I?

For a while it was really scary, we decided once again that we had to move. With me keeping my job and my wife being pretty able to find something up there it was a no brainer. But there were some issues, the job for a little while didn't think they could afford me out there and my replacement over here. But if my job wasn't getting me where I wanted here then I can't let that hold me back from going there. Time to shave the stash and pick up a paper hat, McDonalds has been remodeling alot and doesn't seem that terribly bad. But thats behind us now. My replacement is more of a sideplacement, he can only work part time for the first year and with that I'm sitting pretty for a full 40 hour workweek and nobody blows their budgets.

There are compromises. We arn't going down there with a house ready to move in, we're bringing out own house and camping out in my parents backyard untill we find one. My new pay is still being negotiated but it looks like it will be the same pay I started out with. However I dont feel like thats backtracking. With my income now I can't afford a house here, with my new lesserbutbetter income up there we are within house buying range.

So Feb 28th is my last day and I had my goodbye lunch today. Its finally sinking in, no matter what, we're going.

This makes me happy.

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