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Journal Cy Guy's Journal: Schaefer Needs to Resign for the Good of MD and His Party 4

MD is cursed with an extremely powerful former Democratic Governor who on a whim decided he wanted to keep working, so he ran and easily won (based on his strong performance as Governor) the job of State Comptroller. Ever since he has run the office as his own personal fiefdom - making life miserable for subsequent Governors of both parties.

Well, aparently being the second most powerful politician in MD state government is not enough for this guys ego, and he needs to have it 'stroked' some more by having buxom female staffers cater to his sexual whims. This manifested itself yesterday when he commanded a junior female member of Governor Ehrlich's staff shake her booty for him while at meeting in Annapolis.

When asked to explain his request to have the staffer return to the table then rewalk to the door so he could again 'observe her walk' he was not only unapologetic, but confrontational - saying he was the one who should be offended for even being questioned about his actions he said "She's a pretty little girl." She "ought to be damn happy that I observed her going out the door."

Look, as a male, I understand every healthy male leers at least occasionally, that whole industries if not societies and cultures are built on this. But when it's a man in a position of authority and the object of the leering is a subordinate, the man must restrain himself, and if caught be ashamed and apologetic.

This guy should never have returned to politics as his retirement career, and it's clear now that he is past his expiration date. I hope that every Democrat in the state - especially those currently holding political office, and those seeking political office - calls this guy's office and asks for his immediate resignation. He was given a chance to apologize and used it only to further sexually harrass the staffer - so now it's time to go.

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Schaefer Needs to Resign for the Good of MD and His Party

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