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Journal Cy Guy's Journal: Pamela Pitzer Willeford Bio 1

Just using this as a holding area to piece together what's available on the web about Willeford, I'll probably try to work it into a Wiki page if this story has any kids of legs at all. That said - only constructive comments or suggestions for additions please.


Hometown: Breckenridge, TX

Family: Husband - George ("Guests who stayed overnight at the White House between June 2002 and December 2003....George and Pam Willeford"* ; "is married to Austin physician Dr. George Willeford, III." * ; "her husband, Dr. George Willeford, III, a gastroenterologist in Austin." *)
Daughter: Emily Ann (class of 1995 St. Stephen's Episcopal School; class of 1999 Davidson College) (July 2005 - Present: FCC's Whitehouse Office tasked with intergovernmental relations. For one month last summer she held the title "Special Advisor for International Issues and Deputy Chief of Staff for FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, previously she worked Martin as Special Assistant for Legislative and Public Affairs from November 2001 until June 2005; and she worked at the National Economic Council in the White House Office before joining Martin's staff in November of 2001. Before that, she worked as a paid Legal Assistant on the Bush Cheney 2000 election campaign.
Daughter: Nancy Kathryn (Kate) (class of 1998 St. Stephen's Episcopal School; class of 2002 Vanderbilt University); Walter C. Wattles Fellow at Lloyd's of London 2002-2003. (She definately is the hottie of the two daughters. Good pic of her with her mother here, no other professional information on her though, a few Google hits for a Kathryn Willeford turned out to be someone else)

Fall 2003 - Present: U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland ("nominated by President George W. Bush on July 30, 2003," *; "Appointment: Oct 7, 2003; Presentation of Credentials: Nov 25, 2003" *)
2002 - January? 2003: Chair of TX Gov. Rick Perry's 2003 Innauguration ("The 2003 Texas Inaugural Committee, in a self-proclaimed spirit of openness, released a list of contributors with their pledge amounts before the June 30 disclosure deadline. Pam Willeford, inaugural committee chairwoman, said Perry and Dewhurst requested that no state funds be used to pay for the inauguration. The move was little more than a gesture, however, because the state sets aside only $100,000 -- less than 10 percent of the actual bill for the inauguration -- to help pay for the swearing-in ceremony." She previously Co-Chaired Bush's 1999 Gubernatorial Innauguration* & **)
"served for eight years on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board" *

Campaign Contributions:
"Willeford and her immediate family contributed a total of $23,200 to Republicans during the 2000, 2002 and 2004 election cycles, including $7,000 to the Bush campaigns and an additional $500 to the Bush-Cheney recount fund established after the 2000 election." * - Center for Responsive Politics

Prior connections with Cheney:
She hosted a reception in Cheney's honor during the 2004 Davos conference.

UPDATE 1:25 AM: After working on this for about two hours, I see that the Dallas Morning News story says her husband was hunting on the same ranch that day, just a mile away. Presumably this means it would have been kind of dificult for tricky Dicky to practice a little bed-hopping over the weekend. So, I'm suspending this until further developments arise.

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Pamela Pitzer Willeford Bio

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