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Journal geoswan's Journal: Whittington, Cheney's target, has a heart attack... 1

Dick Whittington has a (minor) heart attack when one of Cheney's bird-shot slipped in to his heart.

I guess this incident wasn't as minor as first described, and that taking him out of intensive care was premature... Here is another noteworthy WaPo article on the shooting:
News of the Vice President's Misfire Hits A Fellow Bird Hunter Where It Hurts

Among his assertions:
*Whittington would surely have died if Cheney had been using the larger 12 guage shotgun favored by less experienced hunters, instead of a 28 guage shotgun. According to this article more expert hunters use the less powerful 28 guage to make for more of a challenge. I gather the payload of a 28 guage shell is about one third that of a 12 guage.
*Cheney had a responsibility to be aware of where all the other members of his party were, at all times.
*Cheney did not obey the "line of fire" rule.

The author offers an instance of one time when did not follow the "line of fire" rule, and almost caused a tragedy.

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Whittington, Cheney's target, has a heart attack...

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  • From one of the articles:
    Cheney has not commented personally on the shooting or acknowledged any error. Mary Matalin, a Cheney adviser, has said that Cheney "felt badly" about the incident, but she added that "he was not careless or incautious" and did not violate any hunting rules. "He didn't do anything he wasn't supposed to do," Matalin said.

    Except the primary responsibility of anybody with a fire arm- making sure the damed line of sight and cone of fire is open before you pull the trigger.

    I'd also p

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