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Journal geoswan's Journal: More details on "dead-eye" Dick Cheney's shooting 3

The hostess claims they weren't drinking.

(That was the first thing that occurred to me when I learned it took 14 hours for them to contact the authorities.)

Cheney acknowledges that he did not have a valid hunting lisence.

Accorinding to the daily show these birds were battery raised, not wild.

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More details on "dead-eye" Dick Cheney's shooting

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  • The first thing I thought was, how do you raise quail with DC current?

    However, I've had hunter safety courses- and this is as much the victim's fault as the VP's. However, hunting without a license on private land with tame quail...isn't that legal? Though why you'd want to go hunting tame quail is beyond me. Why these men were HUNTING AT ALL is beyond me- to me hunting is what I do for food when I'm poor, not what I do when I'm rich.
    • What I've gleaned from various sources:

      Canned hunt. Boring as shit.
      They were taking dozens of birds. Enough to feed a homeless shelter, not a couple of rich white people.
      They were hunting from cars. Sure, they would stop the car and hop out, but still pretty ghetto.
      It is legal to hunt on private property without a license if you are hunting with the property owner (which they were).
      The incident occurred very near the end of the allowed hunting time for the day, which was very close to sunset. Maybe a factor
      • On the final two: Sometimes you can't help approaching the party from the dangerous side- which is why you're supposed to be wearing signal flare orange AND make a hell of a lot of noise to scare away game and announce yourself. If Chenney's victim didn't do that- and I've heard reports that he didn't- then he's at least 50% at cause for the accident. If he did, then yes, Chenney has to be one dumb motherfucker to have opened fire on orange when he was supposed to be shooting at whatever the hell color q

MESSAGE ACKNOWLEDGED -- The Pershing II missiles have been launched.