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Journal geoswan's Journal: Homeless vets ? 5

This blog reports on the 16 pages of articles in the most recent Esquire magazine that comment on the three year anniversary of the War in Iraq.

It quotes a lot of statistics.

According to the blog Esquire reports that ten percent of America's Vietnam Vets are homeless, some 250,000 individuals. Can that be true? How many non-vet homeless does America have? It goes on to say that 500 recent vets have been confirmed to be homeless.

It says the length of the GWOT has already exceeded the length of the Korean War. The blog doesn't say, however, that the Korean War gave America about 20 times more KIA.

It says Walter Reed has only performed 368 amputations. That number seems low. Should they have been counting the number of amputations done in the big Army medical center in Ramstein Germany too?

Since I started criticizing the war I have been accused of hating American GIs. One emotional fellow accused me of wanting to strip them of the tools they needed to stay effective -- by which he meant torture. Hate the war -- don't hate the soldier. I am confident that most GIs are patriots, who are following orders they believe are legal. And if I were an American I would want them to get the very best chow, plentiful time for internet chats stateside, the best medical care if they are injured, the best counseling if they have trouble coping with the adjustment back to civilian life, and the best help going back to school, or getting a good job -- without regard for whether I agreed with the war.

Critics of the war in Vietnam should never have caused, or let, the vets be forgotten. Proponents of the war should never have forgotten the vets when the war was lost. I encourage my American friends to treat this war's vets with more care.

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Homeless vets ?

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  • But if all the homeless guys who claim to be disabled Special Forces Vietnam vets actually are, the SF would appear to far outnumber the regular army...

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