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Journal geoswan's Journal: A dangerous fundamentalist militant 1

George Carlton Deutsch -- college dropout -- shameless fundamentalist religious bigot.

Deutsch tried to censor senior NASA scientists when they differed from President Bush's views. Now that he has resigned, he is presenting himself as the injured party.

In his State of the Union speech President Bush gave lip service to rehabilitating the nurturing of the USA's Scientific and Technical talent. The appointment of religious bigots to censor Scientists strongly suggests that Bush's proclamations are not to be taken seriously.

Yes, of course fundamentalist religious bigots like Osama bin Laden and Zarqari present a danger to those who believe in free expression. But so do religious bigots like Deutsch. Granted Deutsch wasn't directly killing anyone. But I predict that, unless they are challenged, the chilling effect of fundamentalists, on US Science, will be more damaging to America than the attacks of 911.

The USA's record in the 20th Century of Nobel Prize winners was remarkable. Even if you didn't count the American Nobel Prize winners who were born elsewhere, the USA's record was good. But the USA's scientific pre-eminense was boosted by a "brain drain". In the past the World's most promising Science students wanted to complete their educations in the USA. They regarded the USA as the venue where they could make the most of their talents. And many stayed in the USA, rather than returning to their home countries. In the 20th Century that perception was justified.

But foreign students aren't choosing to study in the USA to the same extent. And when they do, they are more likely to take their expertise back home.

Moderate Muslims have to understand that their homegrown zealots aren't harmless. Turning a blind eye to their homegrown zealots damages them. And Americans have to understand that their homegrown zealots aren't harmless.

I know it doesn't fulfill the definition of treason in the US Constitution. But, what Deutsch was doing was a serious betrayal of the American public. Appointees should see themselves as servants of the public. They should see themselves as responsible to serve their Nation -- all their Nation. They should give their loyalty to their Nation, not to the guy who appointed them.

Deutsch made a different choice. He gave his loyalty to his sponsor -- screw the country. Screw the people.

Mr. Deutsch contended that although Dr. Hansen was a scientist, he wanted to talk about policy as well as science. "He wants to demean the president, he wants to demean the administration and create a false perception that the administration is watering down science and lying to the public," Mr. Deutsch said. "And that is patently false."

Deutsch lays out his loyalty here. The President first, his administration second, and the public a very, very distant third.

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A dangerous fundamentalist militant

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