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Journal Cy Guy's Journal: My call got through to the Stephanie Miller Show 1

I had an idea this morning regarding "human-animal hybrids" so I called it into the Stephanie Miller Show.

Here was my question/comment:

I'm wondering if the Human-Animal Hybrid thing is a backdoor way to kill stem-cell research as the only approved stem-cells are grown with mouse cells and therefor could be considered "human-animal hybrids."

Stephanie's response was something about Bush's record on anything science related, then a question about the noise on the phone which I said was my kids watching Barney - possibly a dinosaur-animal hybrid. (I meant to say human-dinosaur hybrid, but oh well.

I forgot to set my computer to record the live stream, but I may be able to get it tonight when it is re-broadcast on an Arizona station, but it's possible that station has dropped its Progressive Talk Radio format.

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My call got through to the Stephanie Miller Show

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