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Journal Cy Guy's Journal: SOTU - Quick Transcript 1

9:11 Thank You All.
9:11 Mr. Speaker, Vice President
9:11 Cheney, Members of Congress and
9:11 Members of the Supreme Court
9:11 And Diplomatic Corps,
9:12 Distinguished Guests and Fellow
9:12 Citizens, Today Our Nation Lost
9:12 A Graceful, Courageous Woman
9:12 Hole Called America to Its
9:12 Founding Ideals and Carried on
9:12 A Noble Dream.
9:12 Tonight, We Are Comforted by
9:12 The Hope of a Glad Reunion with
9:12 The Husband Who Was Taken So
9:12 Long Ago and We're Grateful for
9:12 The Good Life of Cor Etta Scott
9:12 King.
9:12 [Applause]
9:12 Every Time I'm Invited to
9:13 This Rostrum, I'm Mindful of
9:13 The History We Have Seen
9:13 Together.
9:13 We Have Gathered under This
9:13 Capitol Dome under Moments of
9:13 National Achievement.
9:13 We Have Served America through
9:13 One of the Most Consequential
9:13 Periods of Our History, and It
9:13 Has Been My Honor to Serve with
9:13 You.
9:13 In a System of Two Parties, Two
9:13 Chambers and Two Elect
9:13 Branches, There Will Always Be
9:13 Differences and Debate.
9:13 But Even Tough Debates Can Be
9:13 Conducted in a Civil Tone and
9:13 Our Differences Cannot Be
9:13 Allowed to Harden into Anger.
9:13 To Confront the Great Issues
9:13 Before Us, We Must Act in a
9:13 Spirit of Goodwill and Respect
9:13 For One Another and I Will Do
9:13 My Part.
9:13 Tonight, the State of Our Union
9:13 Is Strong, and Together, We
9:13 Will Make It Stronger.
9:13 [Applause]
9:14 In This Decisive Year, You
9:14 And I Will Make Choices That
9:14 Will Determine the Future and
9:14 The Character of Our Country.
9:14 We Will Choose to Act
9:14 Confidently in Pursuing the
9:14 Enemies of Freedom or Retreat
9:15 From Our Duties in the Hope of
9:15 An Easier Life.
9:15 We Will Choose to Build Our
9:15 Prosperity by Leading the World
9:15 Economy, or Shut Ourselves off
9:15 From Trade and Opportunity.
9:15 In a Complex and Challenging
9:15 Time, the Road of Isolationism
9:15 And Protectionism May Seem
9:15 Broad and Inviting, Yet It Ends
9:15 In Danger and Decline.
9:15 The Only Way to Protect Our
9:15 People, the Only Way to Secure
9:15 The Peace, the Only Way to
9:15 Control Our Destiny Is by Our
9:15 Leadership So the United States
9:15 Of America Will Continue to
9:15 Lead.
9:15 [Applause]
9:15 Abroad Our Nation Is Committed
9:15 To an Historic Long-Term Goal.
9:15 We Seek the End of Tyranny in
9:15 Our World.
9:15 Some Dismiss That Goal as
9:15 Misguided I'dism.
9:15 Until Reality, the Future
9:15 Security of America Depends on
9:15 It.
9:15 On September 11, 2001, We Found
9:15 That Problems Originating in a
9:15 Failed and Oppressive State.
9:15 7,000 Miles Away Could Bring
9:15 Murder and Destruction to Our
9:15 Country.
9:15 Dictatorships Feature
9:15 Terrorists and Seek Weaments.
9:15 Deem Deems Replace Resentment
9:15 With Hope, Respect the Rights
9:15 Of Their Sit Severance and
9:15 Their Neighbors and Join the
9:15 Fight against Terror.
9:15 Ery Step toward Freedom in
9:15 The World Makes Our Country
9:16 Safer So We Will Act Boldly in
9:16 Freedom's Cause.
9:16 [Applause]
9:16 Far from Being a Hopeless
9:16 Dream, the Advance of Freedom
9:16 Is the Great Story of Our Time.
9:16 In 1945, There Were about Two
9:16 Dozen Lonely Democracies in the
9:16 World.
9:16 Today, There Are 122.
9:16 And We Are Writing a New
9:16 Chapter in the Story of the
9:16 Self Government, with Women
9:16 Lining up to Vote in
9:16 Afghanistan and Millions of
9:16 Iraqis Marking Their Liberty
9:16 And Women Frmeom Lebanon and
9:16 Egypt Debating Rights of
9:16 Individuals and the Necessity
9:16 Of Freedom.
9:16 At the Start of 2006, More than
9:16 Half the People of Our World
9:16 Live in Democratic Nations.
9:16 And We Do Not Forget the Other
9:16 Half.
9:16 In Places Like Syria and Burma
9:17 And Zimbabwe, North Korea and
9:17 Iran, Because the Demands of
9:17 Justice and the Peace of This
9:17 World Require Their Freedom as
9:17 Well.
9:17 [Applause]
9:17 No One Can Deny the Success
9:17 Of Freedom, but Some Men Rage
9:17 And Fight against It.
9:17 And One of the Main Sources of
9:17 Reaction and Opposition Is
9:17 Radical Islam, the per Version
9:17 By a Few of a Noble Faith into
9:17 An Ideology of Terror and
9:17 Death.
9:17 Terrorists Like Osama Bin Laden
9:17 Are Serious about Mass Murder
9:17 And All of Us Must Take Their
9:17 Declared Intentions Seriously.
9:17 They Seek to Impose a Heartless
9:17 System of Totalitarian Control
9:17 Throughout the Middle East and
9:17 Arm Themselves with Weapons of
9:18 Mass Murder.
9:18 Their Aim Is to Seize Power in
9:18 Iraq and Use It as a Safe Haven
9:18 To Launch Attacks against
9:18 America and the World.
9:18 Lacking the Military Strength
9:18 To Challenge Us Directly, the
9:18 Terrorists Have Chosen the
9:18 Weapon of Fear.
9:18 When They Murder Children in a
9:18 School or Blow up Commuters in
9:18 London or Be Head a Captive.
9:18 The Terrorists Hope These
9:18 Horrors Will Break Our Will,
9:18 Allowing the Violent to Inhert
9:18 The Earth, but They Have
9:18 Miscalculated.
9:18 We Love Our Freedom and We Will
9:18 Fight to Keep It.
9:18 [Applause]
9:19 In a Time of Testingc1
9:19 In a Time of Testing, We
9:19 Cannot Find Security by
9:19 Abandoning Our Commitments and
9:19 Retreating within Our Borders.
9:19 If We Were to Leave These
9:19 Vicious Attackers Lean, They
9:19 Would Not Leave Us Lean.
9:19 They Would Move the Battle Tee
9:19 Field to Our Own Shores.
9:19 There Is No Peace in Retreat
9:19 And No Honor in Retreat.
9:19 By Allowing Radical Islam to
9:19 Work Its Will, by Leaving an
9:19 Assaulted World to Fend for
9:19 Itself, We Would Signal to All
9:19 That We Know Longer Believe in
9:19 Our Yone I'd Eels or Our Own
9:19 Courage.
9:19 But Our Enemies and Our Friends
9:19 Can Be Certain.
9:19 The United States Will Not
9:19 Retreat from the World and We
9:19 Will Never Surrender to Evil.
9:19 [Applause]
9:20 America Rejects the False
9:20 Comfort of Isolationism.
9:20 We Are the Nation That Saved
9:20 Liberty in Europe and Liberated
9:20 Death Cam Ches and Faced down
9:20 An Evil Empire.
9:20 Once Again, We Accept the Call
9:20 Of History to Deliver the Op
9:20 Pressed and Move This World
9:20 Toward Peace.
9:20 We Remain on the Offensive
9:20 Against Terror Networks.
9:20 We Have Killed or Captured Many
9:20 Of Their Leaders.
9:20 And for the Others, Their Day
9:20 Will Come.
9:20 We Remain on the Offensive in
9:20 Afghanistan, Where a Fine
9:20 President and a National
9:20 Assembly Are Fighting Terror
9:20 While Buildings the
9:20 Institutions of Of a New
9:20 Democracy.
9:20 We Are on the Offensive in Iraq
9:20 With a Clear Plan for Victory.
9:21 We Are Helping Iraqis Build an
9:21 Inclusive Government So Old
9:21 Resentments Will Be Eased and
9:21 The Insurgency Will Be
9:21 Marginalized.
9:21 We Are Helping the Iraqi
9:21 Government to Fight Corruption
9:21 And Build a Modern Economy So
9:21 All Iraqis Can Experience the
9:21 Benefits of Freedom.
9:21 And Third, We Are Striking
9:21 Terrorist Targets While We
9:21 Train Iraqi Forces That Are
9:21 Increasingly Capable of
9:21 Defeating the Enemy.
9:21 Iraqis Are Showing Their
9:21 Courage Every Day and We Are
9:21 Proud to Be Their Allies in the
9:21 Cause of Freedom.
9:21 [Applause]
9:21 Our Work in Iraq Is
9:21 Difficult, Because Our Enemy Is
9:21 Brutal.
9:21 But That Brutality Has Not
9:21 Stopped the Progress of a New
9:21 Democracy.
9:21 In Less than Three Years, the
9:21 Nation Has Gone from
9:22 Dictatorship to Liberation, to
9:22 Sofrpblt to a Constitution to
9:22 National Elections.
9:22 At the Same Time Our Coalition
9:22 Has Been Relentless in Shutting
9:22 Off Terrorist Infiltration and
9:22 Turning over Territory to Iraqi
9:22 Security Forces.
9:22 I'm Confident in Our Plan for
9:22 Victory and Confident in the
9:22 Will of the Iraqi People, I'm
9:22 Confident in the Skill and
9:22 Spirit of Our Military.
9:22 Fellow Citizens, We Are in This
9:22 Fight to Win, and We Are
9:22 Winning.
9:22 [Applause]
9:22 The Road of Victory Is the
9:22 Road That Will Take Our Troops
9:22 Home.
9:22 As We Make Progress on the
9:22 Ground and Iraqi Forces Take
9:22 The Lead, We Should Be Able to
9:23 Further Decrease Our Troop
9:23 Levels, but Those Decisions
9:23 Will Be Made by Our Military
9:23 Commanders, Not by Politicians
9:23 In Washington, D.C.
9:23 [Applause]
9:23 Our Coalition Has Learned
9:23 From Our Experience in Iraq.
9:23 We Have Adjusted Our Military
9:23 Tactics and Changed Our
9:23 Approach to Reconstruction.
9:23 Along the Way, We Have
9:23 Benefited from Responsible
9:24 Criticism and Council, Offered
9:24 By Members of Congress of Both
9:24 Parties.
9:24 In the Coming Year, I Wili
9:24 Continue to Reach out and Seek
9:24 Your Good Advice, Yet There Is
9:24 A Difference between
9:24 Responsible Criticism That Aims
9:24 For Success and Defeatism That
9:24 Refuses to Acknowledge Anything
9:24 But Failure.
9:24 Hindsight Lean Is Not Wisdom
9:24 And Second Guessing Is Not a
9:24 Strategy.
9:24 [Applause]
9:24 With So Much in the Balance,
9:24 Those of Us in Public Office
9:24 Have a Duty to Speak with
9:24 Candidateor, a Sudden
9:24 Withdrawal from Our Forces
9:24 Would Abandoned Our Allies.
9:24 We Put Men Like Osama Bin Laden
9:24 And Zarqawi in Charge of AR
9:24 Country and Shows That a Pledge
9:24 From America Means Little.
9:24 Members of Congress, However We
9:24 Feel about the Decisions and
9:24 Debates of the past, Our Nation
9:24 Has Only One Option, We Must
9:24 Keep Our Word, Defeat Our
9:24 Enemies and Stand behind the
9:24 American Military in This Vital
9:24 Mission.
9:24 [Applause]
9:25 Our Men and Women in Uniform
9:25 Are Making Sacrifices and
9:25 Showing a Sense of Duty
9:25 Stronger than All Fear.
9:25 They Know What It's Like to
9:25 Fight House to House, to Wear
9:25 Heavy Gear in the Desert Heat,
9:25 To See a Comrade Killed by a
9:25 Roadside Bomb.
9:25 And Those Who Know the Costs
9:25 Also Know the Stakes.
9:25 Marine Staff Sergeant Dan Clay
9:25 Was Killed Last Month Fighting
9:25 In Fallujah.
9:25 He Left behind a Letter to His
9:25 Family, but His Words Could
9:25 Just as Well Be Addressed to
9:25 Every American.
9:25 Here's What Dan Wrote.
9:26 I Know What Honor Is.
9:26 It Has Been an Honor to Protect
9:26 And Serve All of You.
9:26 I Faced Death with the Secure
9:26 Knowledge That You Would Not
9:26 Have to.
9:26 Never Facilitier.
9:26 Don't Hesitate to Honor and
9:26 Support Those of Us Who Have
9:26 The Honor of Protecting That
9:26 Which Is Worth Protecting.
9:26 Staff Sergeant Dan Clay's Wife
9:26 Lisa and His Mom and Dad Are
9:26 Withis Evening.
9:26 Welcome.
9:26 [Applause]
9:27 Our Nation Is Grateful to
9:27 The Fallen Who Live in the
9:27 Memory of Our Country.
9:27 We Are Greatful to All Who Wear
9:27 Our Nation's Uniform.
9:27 Let Us Never Forget the
9:27 Sacrifices of America's
9:27 Military Families.
9:27 [Applause]
9:28 Our Offensive against Terror
9:28 Involves More than Military
9:28 Action.
9:28 Ultimately, the Only Way to
9:28 Defeat the Terrorists Is to
9:28 Defeat Their Dark Vision of
9:28 Hatred and Fear by Offering the
9:28 Hopeful Alternative of
9:28 Political Freedom and Peaceful
9:28 Change.
9:28 So the United States of America
9:28 Supports Democratic Reform
9:28 Across the Broader Middle East.
9:28 Elections Are Vital, but They
9:28 Are Only the Beginning.
9:28 Raising up a Democracy Requires
9:28 The Rule of Law and Protection
9:28 Of Minorities and Strong
9:28 Accountable Institutions That
9:28 Last Longer than a Single Vote.
9:28 The Great People of Egypt Voted
9:28 In a Multiparty Presidential
9:28 Election and Now the Government
9:28 Should Open Paths of Peaceful
9:28 Opposition That Will Reduce the
9:28 Appeal of Radicalism Sm the
9:28 Palestinian People Have Voted
9:28 In Elections and Now the
9:29 Leaders of Hamas Must Recognize
9:29 Israel, Disarm, Reject
9:29 Terrorism and Work for Lasting
9:29 Peace.
9:29 [Applause]
9:29 Saudi Arabia Has Taken the
9:29 First Steps to Reform.
9:29 Now Itthe
9:29 First Steps to Reform.
9:29 Now It Can Offer Its People a
9:29 Better Future by Pressing
9:29 Forward with Those Efforts.
9:29 Democracies in the Middle East
9:29 Will Not Look Like Our Own,
9:29 Because They Will Reflect the
9:29 Traditions of Their Own
9:29 Citizens, Yet Liberty Is the
9:29 Future of Every Nation in the
9:29 Middle East, Because Liberty Is
9:29 The Right and Hope of All
9:29 Humidity.
9:30 [Applause]
9:30 Humanitarian
9:30 The Same Is True of Iran, a
9:30 Nation Now Held Hostage by a
9:30 Small Clerical Alight That Is
9:30 Isolating and Op Pressinging
9:30 Its People.
9:30 And That Must Come to an End.
9:30 [Applause]
9:30 The Iranian Government Has
9:30 Defined the World with Its
9:30 Nuclear Ambitions and the
9:30 Nation of the World Must Not
9:30 Permit the Iranian Regime to
9:30 Gain Nuclear Weapons.
9:30 [Applause]
9:30 America Will Continue to Rally
9:30 The World to Confront These
9:30 Threats.
9:30 Tonight, Lets Me Speak Directly
9:30 To the Citizens of Iran.
9:30 America Respects You and We
9:31 Respect Your Country.
9:31 We Respect Your Right to Choose
9:31 Your Own Future and Win Your
9:31 Own Freedom.
9:31 And Our Nation Hopes One Day to
9:31 Be the Closest of Friends with
9:31 The Free and Democratic Iran.
9:31 [Applause]
9:31 To Overcome Dangers in Our
9:31 World We Must Take the
9:31 Offensive by Encouraging
9:31 Economic Progress in Fighting
9:31 Disease and Spreading Hope in
9:31 Hopeless Lands.
9:31 Isolationism Would Not Only Tie
9:31 Our Hands in Fighting Enemies,
9:31 It Would Keep Us from Helping
9:31 Our Friends in Desperate Need.
9:31 We Show Compassion Abroad
9:31 Because Americans Believe in
9:31 The God Given Worth of a
9:31 Villager with AIDs or a Refugee
9:32 Fleeing Genocide or a Young
9:32 Girl Sold into Slavery.
9:32 We Show Compassion Abroad
9:32 Because of Poverty, Corruption
9:32 And Despair Are Sources of
9:32 Terrorism, Organized Crime and
9:32 Human Trafficking in the Drug
9:32 Trade.
9:32 In Recent Years, You and I Have
9:32 Taken Unprecedented Action to
9:32 Fight AIDs and Malaria, Expand
9:32 The Education of Girls and
9:32 Reward Developing Nations That
9:32 Are Moving Forward with
9:32 Economic and Political Reform.
9:32 For People Everywhere, the
9:32 United States Is a Partner for
9:32 A Better Life.
9:32 Short Changing These Efforts
9:32 Would Increase the Suffering
9:32 And Chaos of Our World,
9:32 Undercut Our Long-Term Security
9:32 And Dole the Conscience of Our
9:32 Country.
9:32 I Urge Members of Congress to
9:32 Serve the Interests of America
9:32 By Showing the Compassion of
9:32 America.
9:32 Our Country Must Also Remain on
9:32 The Offensive against Trirm
9:32 Here at Home.
9:32 The Enemy Has Not Lost the
9:32 Desire or Capability to Attack
9:33 Us.
9:33 Fortunately, This Nation Has
9:33 Superb Profession in Law
9:33 Enforcement, Intelligence, the
9:33 Military and Homeland Security.
9:33 These Men and Women Are
9:33 Dedicating Their Lives
9:33 Protecting Us All and They
9:33 Deserve Our Support and Our
9:33 Thanks.
9:33 [Applause]
9:33 They Also Deserve the Same
9:33 Toolts They Already Use to
9:33 Fight Drug Trafficking and
9:33 Organized Crime, So I Ask You
9:33 To Reauthorize the Patriot Act.
9:34 [Applause]
9:34 It Is Said That Prior to the
9:34 Attacks of September 11, Our
9:34 Government Failed to Connect
9:34 The Dots of the Conspiracy.
9:34 We Now Know That Two of the
9:34 Hijackers in the United States
9:34 Placed Telephone Calls to AL
9:34 Qaeda Operativesoverseas.
9:34 But We Did Not Know about Their
9:34 Plans until It Was Too Late.
9:34 So to Prevent Another Attack,
9:34 Based on Authority Given to Me
9:34 By the Constitution and by

9:34 Statute, I Have Authorized a
9:34 Terrorist Surveillance Program
9:34 To Aggressively Pursue the
9:34 International Communications of
9:34 Suspected AL Qaeda Operatives
9:34 And Affiliates to and from
9:34 America.
9:34 Previous Presidents Have Used
9:34 The Same Constitutional
9:34 Authority I Have and Federal
9:34 Courts Have Approved the Use of
9:34 That Authority.
9:34 Appropriate Members of Congress
9:34 Have Been Kept Informed.
9:34 The Terrorist Surveillance
9:35 Program Has Helped Prevent
9:35 Terrorist Attacks.
9:35 It Remains Essential to the
9:35 Security of America.
9:35 If There Are People Inside Our
9:35 Country Who Are Talking with AL
9:35 Qaeda, We Want to Know about
9:35 It, Because We Will Not Sit
9:35 Back and Wait to Be Hit Again.
9:35 [Applause]
9:35 In All These Areas, from the
9:35 Disruption of Terror Networks
9:35 To Victory in Iraq, to the
9:35 Spread of Freedom and Hope in
9:35 Troubled Regions, We Need the
9:35 Support of Our Friends and
9:35 Allies.
9:35 To Draw That Support, We Must
9:35 Always Be Clear in Our
9:35 Principals and Willing to Act.
9:35 The Only Alternative to
9:35 American Leadership Is a
9:36 Dramatic Ale More Dangerous
9:36 World.
9:36 Yet We Choose to Lead Because
9:36 It Is a Privilege to Serve the
9:36 Values That Gave Us Birth.
9:36 American Leaders from Roosevelt
9:36 To Truman to Kennedy to Reagan
9:36 Rejected Isolation and Retreat,
9:36 Because They Knew That America
9:36 Is Always More Secure When
9:36 Freedom Is on the March.
9:36 Our Own Generation Is in a Long
9:36 War against a Determined Enemy,
9:36 A War That Will Be Fought by
9:36 Presidents of Both Parties Who
9:36 Will Need Sted Bipartisan
9:36 Support from the Congress.
9:36 And Tonight, I Ask for Yours.
9:36 Together Let Us Protect Our
9:36 Country, Support the Men and
9:36 Women Who Defend Us, and Lead
9:36 This World toward Freedom.
9:36 [Applause]
9:37 Here at Home, America Also
9:37 Has a Great Opportunity, We
9:37 Will Build the Prosperity of
9:37 Our Country, by Strength Then
9:37 Our Economic Leadership in the
9:37 World.
9:37 Our Economy Is Healthy and
9:37 Vigorous and Growing Faster
9:37 Than Other Major Strilized
9:37 Nations.
9:37 In the Last Two and a Half
9:37 Years, America Has Created 4.6
9:37 Million New Jobs More than
9:37 Japan and the European Union
9:37 Combined.
9:37 [Applause]
9:37 Even in the Face of Higher
9:37 Energy Prices and Natural
9:37 Disasters, the American People
9:37 Have Turned in an Economic
9:37 Performance That Is the Envy of
9:37 The World.
9:37 The American Economy Is
9:37 Preeminent Btwe Cannot Afford
9:37 To Be Complacent.
9:37 In a Dynamic World Economy, We
9:38 Are Seeing New Competitors Like
9:38 India and China and This
9:38 Creates Uncertainty Which Makes
9:38 It Easy to Feed People's
9:38 Fierce.
9:38 We Are Seeing Some
9:38 Temptations Return,
9:38 Protectionists Want to Escape
9:38 Competition Pretending We Can
9:38 Keep Our High Standard of
9:38 Living.
9:38 Others Say the Government Needs
9:38 To Take a Larger Role in
9:38 Directing the Economy,
9:38 Centralizing More Power in
9:38 Washington and Increasing
9:38 Taxes.
9:38 We Hear Claims That Immigrants
9:38 Are Somehow Bad for the
9:38 Economy, Even Though This
9:38 Economy Could Not Function
9:38 Without Them.
9:38 [Applause]
9:38 All These Are Forms of
9:38 Economic Retreat.
9:38 And They Lead in the Same
9:39 Direction towards a Stagnant
9:39 And Second-Rate Economy.
9:39 Tonight, I Will Set out a
9:39 Better Path, a Generation That
9:39 Competes with Confidence, an
9:39 Agenda That Will Raise
9:39 Standards of Living and
9:39 Generate New Jobs.
9:39 Americans Should Not Fear Our
9:39 Economic Future, Because We
9:39 Intend to Shape It.
9:39 Keeping Ric Competitive
9:39 Begins with Keeping Our Economy
9:39 Growing.
9:39 And Our Economy Grows When
9:39 Americans Have More Money to
9:39 Spend, Save and Invest.
9:39 In the Last Five Years, the Tax
9:39 Relief You Passed Left $880
9:39 Billion in the Hands of
9:39 American Workers, Investors,
9:39 Small Businesses and Families,
9:39 And They Have Used It to Help
9:39 Produce More than Four Years of
9:39 Uninterrupted Economic Growth.
9:39 [Applause]
9:39 Yet the Tax Relief Is Set to
9:39 Expire in the Next Few Years.
9:40 If We Do Nothing, American
9:40 Families Will Face a Massive
9:40 Tax Increase They Do Not Expect
9:40 And Will Not Welcome, Because
9:40 America Needs More than a
9:40 Temporary Expansion, We Need
9:40 More than Temporary Tax Relief.
9:40 I Urge the Congress to Act
9:40 Responsibly and Make the Tax
9:40 Cuts Permanent.
9:40 [Applause]
9:40 Keeping America Competitive
9:40 Requires Us to Be Good Stewards
9:40 Of Tax Dollars.
9:40 Of Tax Dollars.
9:40 Every Year of My Presidency, We
9:40 Reduced the Growth of Nondiss
9:40 Discretionary Spending and Last
9:40 Year, You Passed Bills That Cut
9:40 The Spending.
9:40 My Budget Will Cut It Again and
9:40 Eliminate More than 140
9:40 Programs That Are Performing
9:41 Poorly or Not Fulfilling
9:41 Essential Priorities.
9:41 Bypassing These Reforms, We
9:41 Will Save the American Taxpayer
9:41 Another $14 Billion and Stay on
9:41 Track to Cut the Deficit in
9:41 Half by 2009 [Applause]
9:41 I'm Pleased That Members of
9:41 Congress Are Working on Earmark
9:41 Reform, Because the Federal
9:41 Budget Has Too Many Special
9:41 Interest Projects and We Can
9:41 Tackle This Problem Together If
9:41 You past Line Item Veto.
9:41 [Applause]
9:42 We Must Confront the Larger
9:42 Challenge of Mandatory Spending
9:42 Or Entitlements.
9:42 This Year, the First of about
9:42 78 Million Babe Boomers
9:42 Including Two of My Dad's
9:42 Favorite People, Me and
9:42 President Clinton.
9:42 This Milestone Is More than a
9:42 Personal Crisis, It Is a
9:42 National Challenge.
9:42 The Retirement of the Babe Boom
9:42 Generation Will Put
9:42 Unprecedented Strains.
9:43 By 2030, Spending for Social
9:43 Security, Medicare and Medicaid
9:43 Will Be Almost 60% Of the
9:43 Entire Federal Budget and That
9:43 Will Present Future Congresses
9:43 With Impossible Choices,
9:43 Staggering Price Increases,
9:43 Deep Cuts in Every Category of
9:43 Spending.
9:43 Congress Did Not Act Last Year
9:43 On My Proposal to Save Scial
9:43 Security.
9:43 [Applause]
9:43 Yet the Rising Costs of
9:43 Entitlements Is a Problem That
9:43 Is Not Going Away.
9:43 [Applause]
9:43 And Every Year, We Fail to
9:43 Act, the Situation Gets Worse,
9:43 So Tonight I Ask You to Join Me
9:43 In Creating a Commission to
9:43 Examine the Full Impact of Baby
9:43 Boom Retirements on Social
9:43 Security, Medicare and
9:43 Medicaid.
9:43 This Commission Should Include
9:43 Members of Congress of Both
9:43 Parties and over Bipartisan
9:43 Solutions.
9:44 We Need to Put Aside Partisan
9:44 Politics and Work Together and
9:44 Get This Problem Solved.
9:44 [Applause]
9:44 Keeping America Competitive
9:44 Requires Us to Open More
9:44 Markets for All That Americans
9:44 Make and Grow.
9:44 One out of Every Five Factory
9:44 Jobs in America Is Related to
9:44 Global Trade and We Want People
9:44 Everywhere to Buy American.
9:44 With Open Markets and a Level
9:44 Playing Field, No One Can
9:44 Outproduce or Outcompete the
9:44 American Worker.
9:44 [Applause]
9:45 Keeping America Competitive
9:45 Requires an Immigration System
9:45 That Upholds Our Laws, Reflects
9:45 Our Values and Serves the
9:45 Interests of Our Economy.
9:45 Our Nation Needs Orderly and
9:45 Secure Borders.
9:45 [Applause]
9:45 To Meet This Goal, We This Goal, We Must
9:45 Have Str
9:45 To Meet This Goal, We Must
9:45 Have Stronger Immigration
9:45 Enforcement and Border
9:45 Protection.
9:45 [Applause]
9:45 And We Must Have a Rational,
9:45 Humane Guest Worker Program
9:45 That Rejects Amnesty, Allows
9:45 Temporary Jobs for People Who
9:45 Seek Them Legally and Reduces
9:45 Smuggling and Crime at the
9:45 Border.
9:45 [Applause]
9:46 Keeping America Competitive Irffrdablehealth
9:46 CARE.
9:46 [Applause]
9:46 Our Government Has a
9:46 Responsibility to Provide
9:46 Health CARe for the Poor and
9:46 The Elderly and We Are Meeting
9:46 That Responsibility.
9:46 For All Americans, for All
9:46 Americans, We Must Confront the
9:46 Rising Cost of CARE, Strengthen
9:46 The Doctor-Patient Relationship
9:46 And Help People Afford the
9:46 Insurance Coverage They Need.
9:46 We Will Make Wider Use of
9:46 Electronic Records and Other
9:46 Health Information Technology
9:46 To Help Control Costs and
9:46 Reduce Dangerous Medical Roars.
9:46 We Will Strengthen Health
9:46 Saving Accounts Making Sure
9:46 Employees Can Buy Insurance
9:46 With the Same Employees Working
9:46 For Big Businesses Get.
9:46 [Applause]
9:47 We Will Do More to Make This
9:47 Coverage Portable So Workers
9:47 Can Switch Jobs without Having
9:47 To Worry about Losing Their
9:47 Health Insurance.
9:47 [Applause]
9:47 .
9:47 And Because Lawsuits Are
9:47 Driving Many Good Doctors out
9:47 Of Practice, Leaving Women and
9:47 Nearly 1,500 American Counties
9:47 Without a Single Ob-Gyn, I Ask
9:47 Congress TPS Medical Reform
9:47 This Year.
9:47 [Applause]
9:47 Keeping America Competitive
9:47 Requires Affordable Energy, and
9:47 Here We Have a Serious Problem.
9:47 America Is Addicted to Oil,
9:47 Which Is Often Imported from
9:47 Unstable Parts of the World.
9:47 The Best Way to Break This
9:47 Addition Is through Technology.
9:47 Since 2001, We Have Sfent
9:47 Nearly $10 Billion to Develop
9:48 Cleaner, Cheaper and Morality
9:48 Knife Reliable Energy Sources
9:48 And We Are on the Threshold of
9:48 Incredible Advances.
9:48 So Tonight, I Announce the
9:48 Advanced Initiative, a 22%
9:48 Increase in Clean Energy
9:48 Research at the Department of
9:48 Energy to Push for Break Thruse
9:48 In Two Vital Areas, to Change
9:48 How We Power Our Homes and
9:48 Offices, Revolutionary Solar
9:48 And Wind Technologies and
9:48 Clean, Safe, Nuclear Energy.
9:48 [Applause]
9:48 We Must Also Change How We
9:48 Power Our Automobiles.
9:48 We Will Increase Our Research
9:48 In Better Batteries for Hybrid
9:48 And Pollution Free Cars That
9:48 Run on Lie Drow Again.
9:49 And Cutting Edge Methods in
9:49 Producing Eggetnol from Wood
9:49 Chips and Stalks and Switch
9:49 Grass.
9:49 Our Goal Is to Make This New
9:49 Eggetnol Competitive within Six
9:49 Years.
9:49 [Applause]
9:49 Breakthroughs on This and
9:49 Other New Technologies Will
9:49 Help Us Reac
9:49 Other New Technologies Will
9:49 Help Us Reach Another Great
9:49 Goal, to Replace 75% Of Our Oil
9:49 Imports from the Middle East by
9:49 2025.
9:49 [Applause]
9:49 By Applying the Talent and
9:49 Technology of America, This
9:49 Country Can Improve Our
9:49 Environment, Move beyond a
9:49 Petroleum-Based Economy and
9:49 Make Our Dependens on Middle
9:49 East Oil a Thing of the past.
9:50 [Applause]
9:50 And to Keep America
9:50 Competitive, One Commitment Is
9:50 Necessary above All.
9:50 We Must Continue to Lead the
9:50 World in Human Talent and
9:50 Creatist.
9:50 Our Greatest Advantage in the
9:50 World Has Always Been Our
9:50 Educated, Hard Working and
9:50 Ambitious People and We Are
9:50 Going to Keep That Edge.
9:50 Tonight I Announce the American
9:50 Competitiveness Initiative to
9:50 Encourage Our Economy and Give
9:50 Our Nation's Children a Firm
9:50 Grounding in Math and Science.
9:50 [Applause]
9:50 First, I Propose to Double
9:51 The Federal Commitment to the
9:51 Most Critical Basic Research
9:51 Programs in the Physical
9:51 Sciences over the Next 10
9:51 Years.
9:51 This Funding Will Support the
9:51 Work of America's Most Creative
9:51 Minds Such as They Explore
9:51 Supercomputing and Alternative
9:51 Energy Sources.
9:51 I Propose to Make Permanent the
9:51 Research and Development Tax
9:51 Credit to Encourage Bolder,
9:51 Private Sector Initiative and
9:51 Technology.
9:51 With More Research in Both the
9:51 Public and Private Sectors, We
9:51 Will Improve Our Quality of
9:51 Life and Ensure That America
9:51 Will Lead the World in
9:51 Opportunity and Inovation for
9:51 Decades to Come.
9:51 [Applause]
9:51 Third, We Need to Encourage
9:51 Children to Take More Math and
9:51 Science and to Make Sure Those ND
9:51 Science and to Make Sure Those
9:51 Courses Are Rigorous Enough to
9:51 Compete with Other Nations.
9:51 We Made a Good Start in the
9:52 Early Grades with the No Child
9:52 Left behind Act, Which Is
9:52 Raising Standards and Lifting
9:52 Test Scores across Our Country.
9:52 Tonight I Propose to Train
9:52 Teachers to Lead a and Science.
9:52 Hers to Lead Advance
9:52 Courses in Math and Science.
9:52 Bring 30,000 Math and Science
9:52 Professionals to Teach in
9:52 Classrooms and Give Early Help
9:52 To Students Who Struggle with
9:52 Math So They Have a Chance at
9:52 Good Jobs.
9:52 If We Ensure That America's
9:52 Children Succeed in Life, They
9:52 Will Ensure That America
9:52 Succeeds in the World.
9:52 [Applause]
9:52 Preparing Our Nation to
9:52 Compete in the World Is a Goal
9:52 That All of Us Can Share.
9:52 I Urge You to Support the
9:53 American Competitiveness
9:53 Initiative and Together, We
9:53 Will Show the World What the
9:53 American People Can Achieve.
9:53 America Is a Great Force for
9:53 Freedom and Prosperity.
9:53 Yet, Our Greatness Is Not
9:53 Measured in Power or Lucks You
9:53 Are Yees, but by Who We Are and
9:53 How We Treat One Another.
9:53 So We Strive to Be a
9:53 Compassionate, Decent, Hopeful
9:53 Society.
9:53 In Recent Years, America Has
9:53 Become a More Hopeful Nation.
9:53 Violent Crime Rates Have Fallen
9:53 To Their Lowest Levels.
9:53 Welfare Cases Have Dropped by
9:53 More than Half over the past
9:53 Decade.
9:53 Drug Use among Youth Is down
9:53 19% Since 2001.
9:53 There Are Fewer Abortions in
9:53 America than at Any Point in
9:53 The Last Three Decades and the
9:53 Number of Children Born to
9:53 Teenage Mothers Has Been
9:53 Falling for a Dozen Years in a
9:53 Row.
9:53 [Applause]
9:53 [Applause]
9:53 Snoor
9:53 These Gains Are Evidence of
9:53 A Quiet Transformation, a
9:54 Revolution of Conscience in
9:54 Which a Rising Generation Is
9:54 Finding That a Life of Personal
9:54 Responsibility Is a Life of
9:54 Fulfillment.
9:54 Government Has Played a Role.
9:54 Wise Policies Such as Welfare
9:54 And and Stinens and Adoption
9:54 Have Made a Difference.
9:54 And Everyone Here Tonight,
9:54 Democrat and Republican Has a
9:54 Right to Be Proud of This
9:54 Record.
9:54 [Applause]
9:54 Yet Many Americans, Especially
9:54 Parents Have Deep Concerns
9:55 About the Direction of Our
9:55 Culture and the Health of Our
9:55 Most Basic Institutions.
9:55 They Are Concerned about
9:55 Unethical Conduct by Public
9:55 Officials and Discouraged by
9:55 Activist Courts.
9:55 They Worry about Children in
9:55 Our Society Who Need Direction
9:55 And Love.
9:55 And about Fellow Citizens Still
9:55 Displaced by Natural Disaster
9:55 And Suffering Caused by
9:55 Treatable Diseases.
9:55 As We Look at These Challenges,
9:55 We Must Never Give into the
9:55 Belief That America Is in
9:55 Decline or That Our Culture Is
9:55 Doomed to Unravel.
9:55 The American People Know Better
9:55 Than That.
9:55 We Have Proven the Pest Midst
9:55 Wrong before and We Will Do It
9:55 Again.
9:55 [Applause]
9:55 Society Depends on Course
9:55 That Equal Justice under the
9:55 Law.
9:55 The Supreme Court Has Two New
9:55 Members, Chief Justice John 6 C1
9:55 Members, Chief Justice John
9:55 Roberts and Justice Sam Alito.
9:55 [Applause]
9:56 I Thank the Senate for Coven
9:56 Firming Both of Them.
9:56 I Will Continue to Nominate Men
9:56 And Women That Judges Must Be
9:56 Servants of the Law and Not
9:56 Legislation from the Bench.
9:56 [Applause]
9:56 Today Marks the Official
9:56 Retirement of a Very Special
9:56 American.
9:56 For 24 Years Her Faithful
9:56 Service to the Nation.
9:56 The United States Is Grateful
9:56 To Justice Sandra Day O'connor.
9:56 [Applause]
9:56 Hopeful Society Has
9:56 Institutions of Science and
9:56 Medicine That Do Not Cut
9:57 Ethical Corners and Recognize
9:57 The Matchless Value of Every
9:57 Life.
9:57 I Ask You to Pass Legislation
9:57 To Prohibit the Most Agriegeous
9:57 Abuses, Human Cloning, Creating
9:57 Or Implanting Embring Oost for
9:57 Experiments, Creating Animal
9:57 Hybrids in Buying, Selling or
9:57 Patenting Human Embring Oost.
9:57 Human Life Is a Gift from Our
9:57 Creator and That Should Never
9:57 Be Devalued or Put up for Sale.
9:57 [Applause]
9:57 Hopeful Society Expects
9:57 Elected Officials to Uphold the
9:57 Public Trust.
9:57 Honorable People in Both
9:57 Parties Are Working on Reforms
9:57 To Strengthen the Ethical
9:57 To Strengthen the Ethical
9:57 Standards of Washington.
9:58 I Support Your Efforts.
9:58 Each of Us Has Made a Pledge to
9:58 Be Worth of Public
9:58 Responsibility and That Is a
9:58 Pledge We Must Never Forgets,
9:58 Never Dismiss and Never Betray.
9:58 [Applause]
9:58 As We Renew the Promise of
9:58 Our Institutions, Let Us Also
9:58 Show the Character of America
9:58 In Our Compassion and CARe for
9:58 One Another.
9:58 A Hopeful Society Gives Special
9:58 Attention to Children Who Lack
9:58 Direction and Love.
9:58 Through the Helping America's
9:58 Youth Initiative, We Are
9:58 Encouraging Adults to Get
9:58 Involved in the Life of a Child
9:58 And That Work Is Being Led by
9:58 Our First Lady, Laura Bush.
9:59 [Applause]
9:59 This Dwreer, We Will Add
9:59 Resources to Encourage Young
9:59 People to Stay in School, So
9:59 More of America's Youth Can
9:59 Raise Their Sights.
9:59 A Hopeful Society Comes to the
9:59 Aid of Fellow Citizens and
9:59 Stays at It until They Are Back
9:59 On Their Feet.
9:59 So Far, the Federal Government
9:59 Has Committed $85 Billion to
9:59 The People of the Gulf Coast of
9:59 New Orleans.
9:59 We Are Removing Debris and
9:59 Repairing Highways and Building
9:59 Stronger Levees and Providing
9:59 Business Loans and Housing
9:59 Assistance, Yet as They Meet
9:59 These Immediate Needs We Must
9:59 Address Deeper Challenges than
9:59 Before the Storm Arrived.
9:59 New Orleans and Other Places,
9:59 Many of Our Fellow Citizens
9:59 Have Felt Excluded from the
9:59 Promise of Our Country.
9:59 The Answer Is Not Only
9:59 Temporary Relief but Schools
10:00 That Teach Every Child and Job
10:00 Skills That Bring Upward
10:00 Mobility and More Opportunities
10:00 To Own a Home and Start a
10:00 Business.
10:00 As We Recover from a Disaster,
10:00 Let Us Also Work for the Day
10:00 When All Americans Are
10:00 Protected by Justice, Equal and
10:00 Hope and Rich in Opportunity.
10:00 [Applause]
10:00 A Hopeful Society Acts
10:00 Boldly to Fight Diseases Like
10:00 Himplet I.V. AIDS.
10:00 More than a Million Americans
10:00 Live with AIDS Cases and More
10:00 Than Half Occur in African
10:00 Americans.
10:00 I Congress to Reform the Ryan
10:00 White Act and End the Waiting
10:00 10:00 List for AIDS Medicines in
10:00 America.
10:01 [Applause]
10:01 We Will Lead a Nationwide
10:01 Effort, Working Closely with
10:01 African American Churches and
10:01 Faith-Based Groups to Develop
10:01 AIDS Test to Millions and End
10:01 The Stigma of AIDs and Come
10:01 Closer to the Day When There
10:01 Are No New Infections in
10:01 America.
10:01 [Applause]
10:01 Fellow Citizens, We Have
10:01 Been Called the Leadership in a
10:01 Period of Consequence.
10:01 We Have Entered a Great
10:01 Ideological Conflict We Did
10:01 Nothing to Invite.
10:01 We See Great Changes in Science
10:01 And Commerce That Will
10:01 Influence All of Our Lives.
10:01 Sometimes, It Can Seem That
10:01 History Is Turning in a Wide
10:01 Arc toward an Unknown Shore,
10:01 Yet the History of Human Action
10:01 Is Every Great Movement of
10:01 History Comes to a Point of
10:01 Choosing.
10:02 Lincoln Could Have Accepted
10:02 Peace at the Cost of Disunity
10:02 And Continued Slavery.
10:02 Martin Luther King Could Have
10:02 Achieved Half a Victory over
10:02 Segregation.
10:02 The United States Could Have
10:02 Accepted the Permanent Division
10:02 Of Europe and Been Complicit in
10:02 The Oppression of Others.
10:02 Today, Having Come Far in Our
10:02 Own Journey, We Must Decide,
10:02 Will We Turn Back or Finish
10:02 Well?
10:02 Before History Is Written down
10:02 In Books, It Is Written in
10:02 Courage.
10:02 Like Americans before Us, We
10:02 Will Show That Courage and We
10:02 Will Tinish Well.
10:02 We Will Lead Freedom's Advance.
10:02 We Will Compete and Compel in
10:02 The Global Economy.
10:02 We Will Define the Moral
10:02 Commitments of This Land.
10:02 And So We Move Forward,
10:02 Optimistic about Our Country,
10:02 Faithful to Its Cause and
10:02 Confident of the Victories to
10:02 Come.
10:03 May God Bless America.
10:03 [Applause]

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