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Journal Quantum Jim's Journal: Q: Caffeine and Athletic Performance? 4

"One of the main reasons for caffeine giving you a wake-up call is that it forces the liver to hydrolise glycogen into glucose." (src) Glycogen "is the main form of carbohydrate storage in animals and occurs primarily in the liver and muscle tissue." (src) Granted those two sources are not good references. I need to do additional research. However, if true, would diet caffeinated beverages not work for diabetics (since the caffeine increases their sugar level)? Also, would caffeinated beverages degrade athletic performance by depleting your muscle glycogen supplies? More investigation is called for. Any insight anyone?

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Q: Caffeine and Athletic Performance?

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  • And I'm going to do more research as well- since I may be diabetic, my father in law is diabetic- and he's addicted to Diet Coke...
    • I hope you're not diabetic! One reason I started exercising is because I was afraid of becomming obease and developing diabetes. I wonder how many so-called "health" drinks and foods actually increase your blood-sugar level significantly.

      Although my mom doesn't have it, her brothers and my grandfather on her side are diabetics. Also, my father, grandfather, and uncle on this side all have it. So I have to be careful!

      • I'm a T2. Diet caffeinated drinks and coffee (sweetened with Splenda) don't bother me, but I also exercise quite a bit: I'm up to 120 miles so far this year.

        The best way to tell how it affects you is to get yourself a glucometer and test your blood glucose every 15 minutes for about 2 hours. At a dollar a test strip, that's 9 bucks (including the one at t=0). I write it off as entertainment.

        If you wish to avoid being a T2, you can. There are some important things to keep in mind:

        1. Get approval from y

      • I hope I'm not too- but I got a bad staph infection from a hobo spider last September, and the speed of healing wasn't what my doctor wanted to see, so he mentioned it. I don't even want to know until I've got health coverage again, so I'm kind of avoiding it for the time being- exercising and trying to get back into shape.

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