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Journal rholliday's Journal: Unfair Unfairs?

So I received my first one of these today:

Some of your past moderations have been meta-moderated by other Slashdot readers. Here are the exciting results:
  • "Re:What Myspace shows" from the discussion "The MySpace Generation" which you moderated as Troll was voted Unfair.

Summary of your recent moderation: 95% Fair

Thank you for moderating.

Now that is patently ludicrous. I very rarely mod things down, and when I meta-moderate I always make sure to verify that there wasn't positional bias in modding someone troll. This guy's point may or may not have been valid, but he posted it as a clear troll: "So don't fear; innovation itself will not stop. It just won't be carried out by Western-born children who never learned the necessity of hard work and effort."

If you're on his side of the fence, that may sound perfectly reasonable, but that is not the way to carry on an discussion.

With my luck CyricZ himself meda-moderated it.

Do you get feedback every time you're meda-modded, fair or unfair? At which point do they take away your moderation privileges? Can you meta-meta-moderate? :)

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Unfair Unfairs?

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