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Journal buffer-overflowed's Journal: Boston Trip, thus Far 10

So I have journeyed up to Boston, the city where they gave a bunch of irishmen copious amounts of liquor and a primitive GPS system then used the meandering routes they took as a roadmap.

Once this roadmap was constructed, one-way signs, forks and intersections called Person you've never heard of square were randomly inserted in according to some arcane prophecy of confusion. Once this was completed, a crack team of battle-pixies ran around stealing street signs.

Then they dug down a bit and put in a very slow subway that bends space-time by appearing to be quite swift.

Anywho, I like it up here so far. It's a much better job market for a non-security cleared individual such as myself. The traffic, in-spite of all efforts to make it horrible, still pales compared to the DC beltway. And Blinder/Solemn are exceptionally nice people who overwhelm me wit da kindness.

Trmj and Pezstar seem nice too, but they could be pod-people plotting to steal my Ramen-stash so that they might add hot-sauce to it. I wouldn't mind the hot-sauce plot, but the pod-people bit could be disturbing.

If I find a Sammy Jenkis Square I'll be sure to let everyone know.

Cheers and Salutations,

PS. I like pie
PPS. We went out for haircuts.
PPPS. I swear we went out for haircuts and this isn't a cover story for going to see a giant monster battle.

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Boston Trip, thus Far

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  • Sammy Jenkis?



    Glad you like Boston.
  • Oke.

    First of all, buffer is a sweet guy who is very endearing and this is the real cover for his maniacal plots. No one would believe that such a nice guy could be plotting total doom, and once we figure it out, well, he's such a nice guy, why wouldn't we let him try running the world? THis is very different from Her Majesty The Kitten's rule, where she simply walked up, purred a bit, and yelled at everyone in sight until they gave her the world.
    Frankly, we find it a refreshing change.

    trmj and pezstar are c

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