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Journal zsau's Journal: I hate people who gratuitously swear

Whereas it is inevitable that I will become Indisputable Overlord of the Whole World:

And whereas this means that those who defy my will now will be punished just the same as if I had my powers:

And whereas it is desirable to simplify the complexities of government early:

This article therefore serves to declare the Overlordship of the World, with Zsau (by this as other names) as the Overlord.

  1. The Overlordship of the Whole World is the Sovereign Government of all the Earth and any colonies of the Overlord's subjects which may be settled beyond the Earth.
  2. The Overlord is Zsau (by this or other names).
  3. The Ovelord's successors shall be determined according to cognatic primogeniture. No person may be an Overlord who has killed another Overlord, nor who has plotted, aided or paid for or otherwise assisted the murder of an Overlord.
  4. The full title of the Overlord shall be "His Majesty Felix, of the Whole World Indisputable Overlord".
  5. The first symbol of the Overlordship shall be the Cassowary. Further symbols and accepted depictions of this symbol may be declared in future legislation.
  6. The executive, legislative, judicial and other branches of the government are vested in the Overlord. Further bodies may be created to assist in good government.
  7. No law is forbidden to the Overlord.
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I hate people who gratuitously swear

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