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Journal dcowart's Journal: So much for writing more often...

LOL, Well I wanted to write more this week, but never did. Oh Well!

Anyway, the sun blade 100 came in like I wanted and due to my own oversight, I didn't have any ECC PC133 RAM to put in it. That sucked. So I'm getting some more on ebay and hope to have it in in the next week. Then I'll be able to get cranking with the linux. I'm resisting the urge to buy another sun blade though. I'm thinking compiler farm for linux builds. Maybe a little later on. I did get to setup the serial console from it to my linux box (using minicom, reminds me of using Telix (tellix?) in the old days). That was interesting and kinda fun. Right now it's sitting on top of my Athlon-64 linux box with a serial cable draped down the side of it going to the port on the back of the linux box... and both machines have their cases removed.

I have one friend who says that I should only install solaris on it. That it would be a waste to install linux. I choose not to listen to him. The vision is to setup linux b/c I think it would be cool. There are tons of these things floating around. I think something interesting can be done with them.

Once I had pretty well worked the sun blade to death, I put together one of my orgnial lunch box machines, a Shuttle SV25 system. The fan on the power supply is going though so I've got to replace it, which means either getting a new system or cracking the power supply... not sure about either solution.. I may try disconnecting the internal one and then putting a new one outside the power supply... we'll see though.

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So much for writing more often...

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