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Journal blazin's Journal: That was embarassing... 3

So this evening, my wife and I decided to go out to dinner. We don't get to do this a whole lot since we've got two little girls. We decided to go to T.G.I. Friday's since they've got the three course dinner for $12.99. My wife got the fired mozarella for the appetizer, bacon cheeseburger and vanilla bean cheesecake for dessert. I got the chargrilled Jack Daniel's salmon. My oldest daughter got the chicken fingers.

So anyway, my dinner was ok. The salmon by itself actually wasn't that great. It tasted a bit too much like the char and not enough like the salmon. They did have some dipping sauce which I assume was some sort of Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce or something which completely made the burnt taste disappear and it was quite sweet and tasty. Overall with the sauce it wasn't too bad. My wife said her meal was pretty good too. Joey decided she'd rather eat all of my wife's fries than any of her chicken, which normally would not be something we'd let her get away with, but she's not been feeling well so we were glad she was eating anything.

So the meal's over, the waiter comes over and offers to get the check and we remind him we haven't received my wife's cheesecake yet. So he grabs that (in a box which we asked for) and comes back with the check. I grab my wallet... and crap... No wallet. None. I find eye drops and chapstick, and car keys. But no wallet. I look around in the crumb gutter behind the seat. Nothing. On the floor. Nothing.


I ask my wife if she has her wallet. Nope. So between the two of us there's a total of maybe $2.00 of change in my pocket. (I didn't realize that then, I just looked now).

The our waiter shows up to pick up the check. I tell him I've got a problem in that I cannot find my wallet. He pulls a literal David Copperfield and disappears. I had no idea where he went or how he got where he went so fast, but he was gone. In about 15 seconds, his manager appears and leans over asking that he's heard we've had trouble with the bill. I tell him as well that I cannot find my wallet. He asks if we have any cash. No. I keep that in my wallet. Any other credit cards. Um. No. Those are in the wallet. How about a check? Nope. Don't carry the check book ever.

So he asks how far it is to home. We tell him it's a little more than 20 minutes one way. My wife offers to stay while I run home, but at this point we're already pretty much past the girl's bedtime and adding another hour to it won't be that good. So he gives me his business card and tells he'll be here until 2am and I can just come back later. I tell him I can give him my card number since I have it memorized, but they need to swipe it or crunch it or whatever, so that's a no-go.

So I run out to the car to see if maybe it somehow fell out of my pocket. I search all around my seat, all around the car. Nothing. So on the way back in, I even asked the hostess on the way back if anyone had found a wallet. Nope... So we've got no choice but to go home and then I will get to come back with the wallet (assuming it can be found) to pay the bill.

On the way home I'm trying to think of what's in the wallet in case I did lose it and didn't somehow forget it at home. Credit cards, ATM card, well over $150 in cash (which is rare, since I don't usually keep more than $40 and some emergency money which is hidden). Blockbuster card, insurance, Sam's, etc. Oh crap, and then gift cards for Christmas and birthdays and what-not that I haven't used. I figure there's probably more than $700 worth of cards and cash, not counting the credit cards and ATM. Crap crap crap. I hope it's at home.

So we get home, and it's there. Awesome. I trace my steps and realize I know exactly how/why I forgot it. We get the girls in bed and I get ready to head back to the restaurant. I took my wife's car this time since she needed some gas so I figured I'd fill up on the way. I get to the restaurant with no problem. I found the manager and he seemed surprised that I came back to pay. I asked him if he expected that I wouldn't and it really seemed like he was back-pedaling. I really don't think he expected I'd be back. So he tells me that there should be more honest people in the world like me. That was nice. So I paid the bill (with probably 25% tip which was actually quite a bit more than was deserved, but whatever).

So that was my night. How was yours?

Update: * I've removed all the stuff between the stars. I wrote this right before I heard about that Frey author guy and decided that fabricating crap was probably not what anyone would like to read. So the story is much shorter and now all true.

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That was embarassing...

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  • I'd be scared to take a leak! :)
  • Man, I had to go back through your whole JE to figure out which stars matched with which other stars. You need to upgrade your fabrication system to have opening and closing tags, mister (-:

    I'm sad the feces bit wasnt' true. I was looking forward to reading about the confrontation...

    • The sad/weird part is that I don't think it'd take much for the feces bit to be true. We have some odd neighbors. And there would be a confrontation, let me tell you.

      All of the fabricated bits have little portions based on truth, although some things happened to me, other things I witnessed.

      I have seen someone drive off with the gas nozzle still in the car, I've seen the shut off switch not work and gas be spewed all over the place. I've had my pants drop outside in a parking lot, and I've had them rip.


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