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Journal MyHair's Journal: Mario Kart DS $24 2

Fry's in Fishers, IN has Mario Kart DS at $24 (through the 28th I think). I don't know if the other stores do it, too, but this is $11 off the normal price. Woot!

My other DS game is Super Mario 64 DS which is a revamped Super Mario 64 (for N64). That's still fun.

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Mario Kart DS $24

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  • Mine is 395198613331. Deamos has the game also. Post yours if you'd like to race sometime. (Althought I'm working like 10 hours a day for the next couple weeks, so it might be a while.)
    • Thanks! I haven't had it online yet as I got it late last night and am making my own access point. (Didn't have wireless networking before...couldn't quite justify it for a 1 bedroom apt.) I'll post my friend code when I get one. It may be next week as I have some things to get done before going out of town this weekend.

      Do you know if anyone has managed to tunnel the peer-peer packets to download-and-play over a VLAN? I saw one project that tried but never posted code. Oh well, at least Nintendo Wi-Fi is fr

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