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Journal setzman's Journal: Oh poor dead burglar, such a victim 2

In what fucking world is a burglar a victim??? Even the hometown children of the MSM are fucking insane.

A homeowner in the Capitol Heights neighborhood apparently surprised an alleged burglar today and shot him to death, according to police.

Montgomery Police Department spokesman Lt. Huey Thornton said the burglary occurred in the 2300 block of St. Charles Ave., after the homeowner came home and discovered his belongings had been disturbed.

Thornton said the homeowner came across the alleged burglar and shot him.

The body was discovered at 2204 Winona Ave.


A Montgomery Police officer stands at a residence on Winona Street where a shooting victim expired Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2006. The victim was shot by the resident of the apartment he was robbing at the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Panama Street.

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Oh poor dead burglar, such a victim

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  • is very anti-gun
  • It really depends upon where you place the limits. Was it property crime? Was there a threat to the owner of the house? When is lethal threat justified? Should you be allowed to shoot someone because they are breaking into your car? Personally, upon finding someone burglarizing my house, they might have to worry about a beating, but I am not sure one could justify shooting them unless you felt immediate threat to your personal well being. Now, if someone were breaking in and they represented more of a

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