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Someone did a moderation hit-job on me today

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  • You're right. I've added my "+1 Interesting" for you.

    Brad BARCLAY

  • No mod points today, or I would help you, but overall this is just something that happens here once in a while. Can't let it get under your skin. They get creamed on metamod for doing this, and overall it doesn't happen that often, so it's usually easy to ignore.
    • I would not take this so seriously, but I consider it important to apply some guidance/reality/perspective to slashdot discussions from time to time. Allowing hit-jobs to succeed will make that impossible in the short term, and possibly also in the long term if they cause me to lose the automatic +1 moderator.

      Back to hacking the new software. If I can ever get it done, maybe I can show how moderation should work.



      • I highly doubt it would ever happen enough to seriously affect your karma. Mod points are too hard to come by, and too easy to lose, though the system is far from perfect...

        You're working on an alternate moderation model? It's an interesting subject. And I think perhaps a more significant one than many people realize...
        • Yes. There are parallel moderations for "interesting", "informative", "comportment", and "agreement" rather than all of those being lumped into one. You can push + or - on each and some AJAX communicates them to the server - no form submission is required so you can do it quickly and go on to the next posting. Comportment is politeness/rudeness. So, you can say that an article is interesting and that you agree with it, but that the poster is rude. So, we can put this really ugly pickle texture behind any co
          • Hah! I like it.

            Look forward to seeing the results.
          • i'm not an expert programer anymore (i was, back in the days of 8-bit, when the world was still young...), professional choices put me in the path of system administration, so feel free to disregard my sugestion if you find it too complex to code, or if it'll cause problems with the data base (contention, excessively complex structure, etc.).

            i often see here in slashdot, people wasting time posting thing like "your post should be moded [+1|-1] ".

            this made me think how nice it'd be having and empty text box
      • they shouldn't be able to take away your +1. That's a permanent state, once you get there, I think.

  • That happens all the time.

    Here's two just from my recent history. 36456 [] 36330 []

    This one is sorta flamebait, if you consider having an opinion flamebait... 19355 []
    • I've bumped up your first two. Your third was probably trying to be cute and funny, but I can see how some people might consider it flamebait, so you'll just have to see how it does in meta-moderation.


  • Um, doesn't that defeat the purpose of moderation? On the one hand, I think that you've pegged the Karma-meter for some time now, excepting the occasional down-mod as per today. But what doesn't get caught in moderation will get caught in meta-moderation where frivolous mods get caught. I don't know about you, but I do have some people's articles that I check frequently, and I mod up if "under-rated".

    But to request an up-mod when the karma wasn't hurt that bad doesn't seem like the right way to do it,

    • But to request an up-mod when the karma wasn't hurt that bad doesn't seem like the right way to do it, though it will get the wider audience for those that surf pretty high.

      One of the main purposes of the whole moderation system is to have the good posts filter to the top of the list, so that people will read the most useful and relevent information first, without having to wade through a lot of redundant information.

      Bruce's post probably isn't sufficient to deserve a +5 Interesting. But it also didn't

  • I see that your comment is now at +5 so I do not need to mod you up. However, I am thinking that some negative moderation could have been caused by people who did not like your signature. It is in bold (quite visible) and implies that Slashdot may not be for grown-ups. While I agree to some extent with that statement, I would not be surprised to see some moderators reacting to it.

    • This may well be an explanation for the Troll mod. Posting to a site while disparaging it, and claiming that your own site is superior does look rather like hubris to me.

      Especially when has so little functionality and content in comparison to Slashdot.

      I'd love to know how Bruce intends to keep "for adults". Is he going to ban users who display childish behaviours?

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