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Journal hzs202's Journal: KEEFA HALUK? ZEIN AL-HAMDULILLAH! 6

I'm sitting in the computer lab at Tisch Hall and I am just thinking, "Gee... I am paying a lot of money for this school. I hope it all pays off." But what if it doesn't, I have heard and seen so many people that go through college and have all the high ambitions then get out and end up in a sucky job that they hate and never really go where they want to in life. I'm not your ordinary college student, I'm not a kid, I am 29 years old with a wife and two children. I don't feel like I have a lot of time to go through a series of trials and errors.

I have the sucky job now and I never seem to make enough money to get my family to where we need to be or at least where my wife feels she should be. I think this makes it much harder. It is a lot of pressure and I nearly cracked last semester. I was hospitalized for nearly a month, I caught pneumonia and almost died.

This is the first extremely personal post I have made and there will probably not be many but I am becoming close to many of you slashdotters and I thought I should give you the low-down on my situation... just for the hell-of-it. If anyone has any words of inspiration I would appreciate them.

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  • You were much older than I previously thought. You are lucky guy, you are married and has two kids. Besides you are pursuing junior year with scholarship. You recovered from pneumonia successfully. Please look on the sunny side of youe life.
  • You don't neeed to love it. You need to care about it.

    You need to love your family. You need to love your wife. You must adjust her levels when they are not inline with yours. This is key. If your are attaining for others you will become bitter. It will poison you.

    But the game. Whatever it is. In my case networks. I care about all the networks I have touched. They are mine. You must care.

    So as your putter about in NYU - Love your family, strive for yourself, care about the game.

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