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Journal rholliday's Journal: MySpace bigger than Google? 1

Saw this article via the WebClips thing on GMail: MySpace intent on staying user-friendly.

The lead-in statement bugs me: "... even though it now boasts more unique users than Google or America Online ..."

I'm supposed to believe that a blog site has more unique users than a search engine? Can I see some basis for this? Can you maybe even mention the source of this statement in the article?

Google is arguably the most popular search engine out there, and I find it very doubtful that there are more people are posting "OMG! WHICH CAHRACTER IN FREINDS R U LOL!" posts than typing a word into Google. I can maybe see them beating AOL, since they're a service provider.

Am I way offbase here?

On an unrelated note, can we either strip all HTML entities or none of them? I want my damn ….
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MySpace bigger than Google?

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  • I agree. They boast 43 million members. Unique? How do they know?

    Myspace is free, is it not? So anyone can get as many accounts on it as they want. Get a few hotmail addresses, a few gmail, some yahoo. You could have 10 myspace accounts in an instant.

    Then there's the idea that they'd have more users then the top search engine. Bah! What a bunch of crap. I find that difficult to believe. Maybe they have more registered users then google has. I could believe that. (I think google would have more registered us

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