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Journal Bimo_Dude's Journal: GWB: Googlebombimg --> Linkspamming

As a fun little project, I decided to see what kind of results could be had from doing some googlebombing of our own. I posted the following article on my site:

The googlebombing of our glorious pretender-in-chief is a pretty good thing, but it's not enough. I thought of a small fun, project to take this to the next level: linkspamming. If shady people can do this to try to con one into buying various vanity drugs, why can't we? It would be fun to see how many of these links we can get to rise to the top results in searches for these words (linking to the bio of GWB, of course). This article mostly consists of the linkspam that I could think of in a few minutes. I have also posted the HTML for the links. Please feel free to add it to as many sites, blogs, and journals as you wish; the more the merrier! If you have words to add, please post them in the comments. I will update this article and the links text file with any new words added.

Ok here goes...
Miserable Failure Utter Failure Failure Corrupt Corruption Mafia Mafioso Gangster Tinpot Dictator Dictator
Dictatorship Tyranny Tyrant Tyrannical Ignorant Ignoramus Idiot Idiocy Penis Enlargement Crook
Criminal Felon Treason Treasonous Sell Out Greed Greedy Greedy Bastard Thief Bribery
Fascist Hitler Concentration Camp Oppression Oppressor Fiscal Disaster KKK Ku Klux Klan Rascist War Criminal
War Crimes Illegal War Deserter AWOL Traitor Draft Dodger Pretender Puppet Intolerant Intolerance
Oil Profit Cheater Steal Pillage WMD Terrorist Impeach Convict Cocaine Alcoholic
Lush Criminally Insane Insane Nuts Crazy Looney Halliburton KBR Kellogg, Brown and Root Bechtel
Torture Liar Untruthful Lies Destruction Anti-freedom Anti-choice Poor Judgment Nutcase Recession
Depression Evil Dark Side Dark Side of the Force Dummy Communist Hypocrite Anti-Semitic Retard Tard
Retarded Mentally Deficient Brain dead Fallacy Ungood Doubleplus Ungood Orwellian Repressive Repression Asshat
Asshole Anti-privacy Wingnut Feudalism Unconstitutional Scammer Con Artist Con Man Airhead Dingbat
Wacko Child Labor Brainwash Whitewash RIAA MPAA On The Take Money Laundering Gas Chamber Gallows
Mobster Unlawful White Supremacist Payola Echelon Carnivore Wiretap Primitive Backwards

That's it for now. I look forward to new additions.

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GWB: Googlebombimg --> Linkspamming

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