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Star Wars Prequels

Journal hzs202's Journal: Jar Jar: What Were They Thinking?

Recently, I read an article that is relatively old, however it had some striking points about Star Wars prequel's Jar Jar that I found interesting. When first introduced to Jar Jar in Episode I, I felt something strange and bothersome about him as a character... it wasn't hard to see through the alien's costuming and match certain resemblances. For example, Jar Jar's quirky english is very similar to West Indian english. And for what it's worth I agree with Film critic Joe Morgenstern of The Wall Street Journal and his description when he said "[Jar Jar]a Rastafarian Stepin Fetchit on platform hoofs, crossed annoyingly with Butterfly McQueen." Enough said!

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Jar Jar: What Were They Thinking?

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