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Journal illumin8's Journal: I'm coining a new political term - CINO

Conservative in Name Only. We need this term to describe the Republican leadership that has run amok in this country. I heard a great story this morning covering the SCOTUS which upheld the Oregon law that allows for physician assisted suicide. The Death with Dignity act still stands.

Former US Attorney General John Ashcroft tried to block this law by warping federal drug statutes to try and prohibit doctors from using the drugs in a way they weren't intended, to assist a suffering patient in dying. This was a right specifically given to the states by the controlled substances act, and the power-grab by our former Attorney General (cue "Let the Eagles Soar") was appropriately blocked by 6 reasonable justices.

The real interesting thing is that the 3 dissenting justices, Scalia, Thomas, and Roberts, are also supposed to be conservative. Don't conservatives believe in States Rights? It seems completely ironic that the so-called conservatives in this country, that talk about shrinking government and states rights, are the same peckerheads that are trying to consolidate federal control and reduce the states ability to govern themselves.

What it all boils down to is this: The conservative leadership in our country should be called what they are: Conservative in Name Only. CINO.


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