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Journal aeoo's Journal: Adobe is hostile to humanity, including its own customers

Oh I tired of dealing with Adobe or what? ARRRRGGGGGGGG.... Talking to Adobe reps is like pulling teeth, except less fun. I ask them some simple questions like:

1. Can XDP be opened by the freely available Reader 7 software in a seamless way?

2. Can we please get a sample PDF that implements templating AcroForm PDF, meaning, that the PDF has some template pages that are spawned using emedded Javascript as the data incoming from FDF overflows the page?

3. Can we please have the REAL documentation for XDP instead of the teaser-level documentation they have on their site?

4. Can we please take a look at XPAAJ documentation so that we can decide if we want it or not?


After a month of back and forth bullshit ping-pong with people who have NO CLUE about Adobe PDF (they seem to be salesmen who are completely non-technical), we still have no answer!

I am still trying to get some answers from Adobe. I don't understand why Adobe's documentation is so incomplete or misleading or ambiguous all over the place, and why they are so tight with the information. Yes... I know they are a proprietary vendor. But I think they can make way more money by being nice and forthcoming with their clients then by holding back on every last smidgen of information.

I am very frustrated, but I do honestly hope that Adobe will WAKE UP and change their attitude. I hope Adobe embraces true openness and really starts to offer a top-notch service. What is the point of paying for software when it is so shoddy (and Adobe PDF software is definitely not what I would call "polished" or "excellent" or "well documented") and when the company doesn't even want to talk to you in an honest way after you buy it? Sure, we didn't cough up a million bucks, but we hold many licenses for Adobe Pro..surely we deserve some semblance of honesty in communication. I mean, I think a person deserves an honest, open, and forthcoming answer under any circumstances, money or no money. But surely, even the greedy capitalist should be interested to help out his clients, right?

Wake up Adobe... Instead of treating your customers as enemies, why not treat them as allies? Instead of looking at us as marks that you can peg with progressively more and more expensive software, why not look at us as your partners? Try it Adobe.

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Adobe is hostile to humanity, including its own customers

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