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Chicago Indie Rock

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  • by GigsVT ( 208848 ) *
    That player works so much better than the shitty myspace player.
    • Actually, I agree. Flash based, though, so I'm not sure how it works across the board. The MySpace one is so bad I refuse to look at bands' MySpace accounts.

      If you're in the Chicago area on the 20th, they're playing at the Beat Kitchen. The band has really come a long way in the past year and their new album is pretty exciting, I'll be giving away a few copies on my blogs after the 20th.
  • I have to say this: You own. I love reading your comments - it's just wonderful.
    • haha thanks :)

      I should start a website dedicated to all the flame e-mails I get every day, heh. I used to print them and stick them on my wall, but then I started to realize that people who flame me sometimes start to agree with me.

      YOu have to love slashdot though -- freedom has taken root, and while it is a small percentage, its great to see the words of hayek, mises and rothbard pop in on occasion.

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