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Journal richie2000's Journal: 10

This is not a drill.

Late last night CET, went live. The goal is to create a political one-issue party centered around the abolishment of copyright as we know it along with most IP laws in Sweden by getting into the parliament in this year's elections. Secondary, but equally important goals are to strengthen personal integrity by rejecting the EU "eavesdropping" directive and expand the "postal secret act" to include all forms of communication, regardless of carrier technology.

The name quite literally means The Pirate Party. 1500 signatures are required to register a political party in Sweden and at last count, we had 1916 (unverified) and counting. In less than a day.

The website is all in bork-de-bork and there are no current plans to translate it into understandlish, sorry. Dagens Industri (daily business mag) had a blurb on it's front page just now. Aftonbladet (one of the two big tabloids) just called. And all we did in the way of marketing was to drop the URL in a DC hub last night...

We live in very interesting times.

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