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Journal pezstar's Journal: Reflections are only for those who want to see 1

I had intended to sit down and write a year in review type of post, looking back at 2005 and recapping events. However, I decided not to do so, as everything that happened is now in the past and is no longer pertinent. Instead, I welcome 2006, and look forward to a year of growth, happiness and love. I love my friends. I'm growing faster every day now than I ever have before. I have actual glimmers of happiness now... I've never had any before. 2006 is looking promising. Here's to a painless year! Also, today was day 1 of no smoking. Go me!
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Reflections are only for those who want to see

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  • on the no smoking. I have been smoke free for about 10 years now and love the freedom.

    I gave myself 6 months of doing whatever it took to 'not smoke ' , the first two weeks that amounted to two 4 pound bags of bite size tootsie rolls. At the six month mark the exercise kicked into fulltime mode and I worked off the twenty pounds in no time at all.

    May you continue to feel happy.

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