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Journal freaq's Journal: This

1110pm PST

no this journal doesn't touch on quake, i just figured the image needs to be read off the /. hard drive more often.

just watched an episode of lexx with my longest-term roommate, who had never even heard of it before. i guess it's the first time i've watched it at home and not at and with my gf. she (my roommate) agrees that it's surreal (no entry yet, i'm not confident enough to start). we had both decided earlier in the evening to unjack from computer games for a while and watch tv. she had chosen beastmaster, which is so textbook bad that it's...really, this is not how to make good tv. or is it? maintaining that specific level of badness for an entire show? that takes SOME kind of talent.

contemplating my last week of non-school idyll, and what it'll be like to have 8:30 classes with the campus a ten minute walk and a half hour bus ride away. ouch comes to mind. oh well, probably won't be as bad as i fear. shouldn't let my fancies get the better of me.

contemplating the first week of school insanity. i've taken some programming before, and am re-reading and enjoying tannenbaum's "structured computer organization" (ohmygodiamageek) to get me in the mood for learning in classrooms again.

oh crap slow typing and constant editing make it 1211am. better luck next journal.

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