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Journal pezstar's Journal: Hooray for my family 4

They say there's one in every family. In mine, there are 4.

My brother hasn't had the best adult life. When he was 19, he had consentual sex with a 15 year old. It was one of the rare statutory rape cases that was prosecuted, and he spent 19 months in prison for it. The catch is that he waited a year and a half for a trial, and during that time, he started dating Stephani, married her, and pregnancy ensued.

Stephani is a very, very good person. She stood by my brother Steven. She took the baby to the prison on Sundays to visit. She worked her ass off for 19 months to support herself, pay the mortgage, pay everything in a really affluent, expensive town that just so happens to be filled with rednecks. She is better than that... she always has been. She somehow had the misfortune to fall in love with my brother.

Steven got out of prison last January. Things were great with he and Steph until about June. He stopped working and wouldn't hold a job for more than a month. Steph was again paying for everything. Steven kicked his drinking up a notch. He slept with Stephani's little sister.

Steph insisted that they see a counselor. He agreed, and they worked through that one. Steph found out she was pregnant, and had a second baby this June. Sarah is her name, and I can't wait to meet her. Unfortunately, Happened. Stephani was cleared of everything, the baby was not taken away, and the courts ruled that she was extremely stressed out and ordered counselling. She still goes.

Enter Tuesday Night. My brother went out and got drunk. Steph came to pick him up and take him home. Steven got violent, and dragged her 150 feet from the car to the house by her hair. He punched her in the face hard enough to break her cheek bone, and his hand. Basically, he beat the shit out of her.

She left. Thank god. Took the babies and went to her parents house and is vowing to never go back. She filed charges and a restraining order. Nothing will happen until Jan. 3rd, when the judges get back, as they are all on vacation. She was told that she can't get the order until then. Steven was told by a policeman friend not to turn himself in until then because there is no one to issue bail. (My dad took him in last night... if Steph can't get an order until then, my family did the right thing and made sure that Steven didn't have a way to get near her.)

Basically, I come from a family of hicks. Until yesterday, I mourned this, hid from it and pretended it didn't exist. But I've changed my mind! Instead, I'm going to celebrate it, and laugh my ass off at it, because at this point, these people don't want to help themselves anymore, and let's face it... rednecks are funny.

My sister- Jessica. 22 Years old. 7 DUIs at this point, 5 of them before her 21st birthday. She hasn't had a car or license for years, so she drives around collecting DUIs on her moped. Mannish lesbian. That's no problem for me, by the way, just part of who she is being described. Tattoo sleeves all the way up her arms. Thinks she looks like Eminem: .

Brother #2- Greg. A bit on the slow side. Married a white trash skank named Brandy, had 2 kids. Kid number one is not his, per the paternity test taken a few months back. Actual father of kid #1 is Greg's STEPFATHER. Yes. His wife slept with her father in law, got pregnant, and now Greg's son is his brother.

So there ya go. Meet my family.
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Hooray for my family

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  • The most exciting thing that happens in my family is that maybe one year my mom will decide to mix it up a bit and put bananas in the Christmas jell-o instead of strawberries.
  • yeah, there really is one in every family.

    take my older brother (he's 36). he's in jail right now. been there for 3 months. what for? having >40grams of meth on him when he was arrested with members of the russian mafia (in atlanta).

    he just got a deal... 5 years probation. he'll be out in a couple weeks i understand. my brother, while i still love him, has never done anything on his own. he's 36 going on 14. he's a child.

    i'm no paragon of responsibility and adulthood either, but man... what a, well a dis
    • or my father, who was an alcoholic thief heroin dealer. Meaning he was an alcoholic thief, not that he stole alcoholics. Although that might have been funnier.

        Early memories of police raids and visiting him in jail. Later memories of restraining orders.

  • You should. You'll either find it funny because of your family, or sad because truth is stranger than fiction.

"Tell the truth and run." -- Yugoslav proverb