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Journal buffer-overflowed's Journal: Mix Tape 7

Putting together a mix-tape for a friend of mine who hates hip-hop(yet likes techno), thinks all sorts of wrong things about it, and lives in alaska. Plus I'm tired of listening to the same old mewling indie shit.

Here's what I've put together so far:
1. William Burroughs - Words of Advice for Young People
2. DangerDoom (feat. Cee-Lo) - Benzie box
3. King Gheedora - Anti-matter
4. Company Flow - Birth
5. Aesop Rock - Daylight
6. RJD2 - Smoke & Mirrors
7. DJ Shadow - Organ Donor
8. Latryx - Lady Don't Tek No
9. A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
10. Outkast - Synthesizer
11. Blackalicious - Make you feel that way
12. Atmosphere - Trying to find a balance
13. Architecture in Helsinki - In case we die (parts 1 - 4)

Comments, flames, additions?

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Mix Tape

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  • I could throw you some old school Detroit Techno and Electro that is definitely in the same Kraftwerk/P-funk vein as probably a lot of his favorite house. He'd have trouble not seeing the common blood to hip-hop then. Otherwise, looks good.
    • I could trim off the end, then so long as it sorta fits it can go in between the last two tracks.

      Seeing as how the last one is pretty much just a token to every genre not represented, and I have no fucking clue how to classify burroughs.
  • And then only just in name. I also like techno and probably have lots of misconceptions about hip-hop. My limited collection is skewed towards R&B. 80% of my stuff is: B.E.P., Craig David, J.Lo, Will Smith, Eminem; The Harold & Kumar Soundtrack (Stagga Lee, Lexicon, Phunk Junkeez), Gwen Stefani&Eve - Blow Ya Mind, De La Soul - The Grind Date, It's Like That.

    That's not including TLC and other R&B. I've realized I'm a sucker for harmonies, including simple ones. So I like The Beatles, Bea
    • Hell. I overlooked that I actually do have Electric Relaxation already.
    • Yea, sent(well, in the process of sending to flinxmid[YOUR BRA], remove [YOUR BRA]*). I think I might've gotten a radio edit or a slightly incomplete song or two in there. Sorry.

      Anyway, the major misconception dude has is that there is no harmony in hip-hop. So judging by this post, you aren't victim to that.

      The first and last songs don't fall into the genre, first is beat: William S. Burroughs []. He recorded several things over his lifetime, one of them, released in the 90s was called 'Spare As
      • Interesting track by Burroughs. Held my interest through one listen. I like the last track.

        2. Baleeted! A lot of hip-hop and rap loses me here because either I don't care for the words, the vocal style, or the Casio keyboard beat starts pissing me off. For those who like the poetry, enjoy, but it's not for me.
        3. Almost a keeper. Good downtempo beat that doesn't grate on me. Listened a few times.
        4. Baleeted! Vocals didn't do it for me. Yet I've got Mack 10 - Hoo Bangin' and Busta Rhymes - Put Ya H
  • Putting together a mix-tape for a friend of mine who hates hip-hop(yet likes techno)

    That is too bad... do you think he has any Richard D. James (Aphex Twin)? Another favorite of mine is Bloc Party, anything from them is good 'cause they are GREAT! Also try Linkin Park, I like them alot! If you need specific songs... let me know. I can even email you some songs in .ogg OK!

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