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Journal rholliday's Journal: Why is that rholliday guy my fan? 6

Following the trend, I'm making an entry for why I befriend people. I'm not nearly as journal prolific as StalinsNotDead, so I'll have to stick to a class action post.

If I've added you recently and I remember why, I'll list you specifically.

Absolute most recently there is cbreaker. For your sig and your journal entry on it. I like your style.

StalinsNotDead: You just kept popping up in half of my other friends' journals with all sorts of helpful comments. Plus you post journals like I drink Mountain Dew, and that makes for more regular and entertaining reading than the articles.

Libby Liberal: After this discussion in Chacham's journal. I disagreed with you but couldn't fault your arguments and liked that fact. I don't just friend only people I agree with. People that argue the other side coherently and effectively are just as interesting to read.

pudge: Also a prolific and topical journal creator. After you were mentioned when Libby Liberal foe'd you I checked you out and found you intriguing. Besides, everyone has to friend at least one Slashdot staff member, just to cover the bases. ;)

Chacham: Probably the oldest add I actually remember. You somehow replied to my random whiny journal entry out of nowhere, and that was cool. Plus, you say "moo" a lot. :)

Recent quick adds:

Fhqwhgadss: Someone who would pluralize fhqwhgads and wasn't a complete horror to read had to be added.
Viking Coder, johnnyb, and Hatta: You argued slightly different sides of the same huge discussion. It was interesting reading, as were the rest of your comments.
meringuoid, MightyMartian, MunchMunch, and ir0b0t: Damn good comments. Some informative, some hilarious.

Everyone else:

I usually find people through Meta Moderation or casual reading. If I like a comment I'll look to see if you have other good comments or journal entries. If you have more "good" than "bad" I'll add you. I like to read good stuff, so I add positive modifiers to friends and friends-of-friends so you'll stand out from the pack and I'll be updated when you bequeath journaly goodness upon the world. If you're offended at being the friend of the mere rholliday, please let me know and I will rectify the issue.

New Updates:

blincoln: This comment, and your campaign to widen our reading interests.

51mon: These two posts.

Decker-Mage: Very knowledgable comments on nuclear power issues.

SpacialCoogs: Never hesitant to mention your womanhood and your female opinion. Those are nice to have from time to time. :) Also, in this comment you admit to The Double Standard© that I'm always trying to convince people of without sounding like either 1. a closet transvestite (not that there's anything wrong with that) or 2. a chauvinist pig. I respect any woman who understands.

cyberwench: This comment.

Mattintosh: Utter hilarity. Apparently preceded by impressive intelligence.

nightsweat: This and other humorous comments. Also, your sig.

robathome: I found this incredibly informative post via Meta Moderation. I then checked your history and saw many good comments, my favorite being the cell phone rant.
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Why is that rholliday guy my fan?

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  • by Chacham ( 981 ) *
    Ooh a double-mention. I feel honored. :)
  • I never figured I'd ever be called journal prolific or that my comments were helpful. There's many more that are far more prolific, entertaining, and helpful.

    But I reckon that's a side effect of waiting on something that I have no control of and con not proceed without, and having a reasonable manager who realizes that there's nothing to do, and Slashdot looks busier than sleeping or video games.

    And you can blame ShadowWrought [] for answering Alta's [] request for an explanation.

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