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Journal Brainboy's Journal: I look like crap and feel like worse

This last week of the semester is really beginning to wear me out. I feel exhausted all the time. I'm scrambling to finish papers to turn in. I do have a problem with procrastination, or rather, even if I sit down to do something ahead of time, it still doesn't get done. And I do sit down, btw, I ain't bullshitting you. But I need the time pressure as motivation. I'd work to fix that little problem with me, but I don't have the time or motivation to worry about it right now. Man do I hate college. But of course, the bullshit I'd have to deal with would be so much greater if I didn't give this a try. Last thing I need is everyone's fucking condescension, "blah blah blah, college you need to do it, blah blah blah" So, my plan right now is to skim through college, so that when I finally start working to do what I want to do (design games) I won't have people bitching at me about I should be at college instead of playing with games.

And I haven't been surfing /. too much lately. Been too busy to check up on people's journals and such. Hope I haven't missed too much.

Meh, just need to blow of some steam before I get started on this PolySci paper.

NoDoz to the rescue!


I leave with some IRCness. Chill = Me:

Chill> and I finally get some fucking sleep
Chill> I napped for hours today
Chill> right through dinner time
Chill> which is good
Chill> people have been telling me, I look "exhausted", "like a zombie", and "like shit"
Chill> my mom said I looked like a zombie, and she's from Haiti so I guess she knows what zombies look like
Chill> she's been going on, "You think you're fooling people but your not. Everyone can see you're not getting enough sleep"
Aco24> lol
Aco24> =/
Chill> I'm thinking "I don't think I'm fooling anyone, I just don't care"
Chill> I know I look like shit
Aco24> ;p
Chill> I just need a bit more energy to do this paper
Chill> and turn in my shit tomorrow
Chill> gosh, I feel like shit

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I look like crap and feel like worse

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