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Journal pezstar's Journal: Red letter day!

It has been a really good day! Disclaimer: By day I mean 2 days. /disclaimer.

Last night Tom and I went and saw Tally Hall. This was one of the best shows I've ever been to, and they're coming BACK! Mid January, they will be in Cambridge. We are definitely going. We also got free swag! We each got one t-shirt, and they tried to give us each an additional one, but I declined the second. Tom didn't and he got a clever shirt reading "Don't not listen to Tally Hall." I felt bad for taking their swag for free... I know that bands playing in small bar venues don't make more than a pittance... their money comes from merchandise. Had we more money, we would have actually bought stuff. Oh, and we got in for free too! YAY TALLY HALL!

Enter today! I went to work. That was neat. I got off early, and Tom met me in Central Square so I could get boots! I keep missing the shuttle bus to work and having to walk a mile. I don't really mind the walk, as I'm not a morning person and it tends to wake me up, but I DO mind that it's in the snow in an area where the sidewalks have not been salted. Neither have the roads for that matter.

So my shoes get full of cold and wet and it's a less than ideal situation. I also slipped on the ice twice today and scraped up one of my knees pretty well. I was wearing my brace so my wrist is fine. So now I have boots! They're not as awesome as, say, a pair of Docs, but they will do. Honestly, I'm really grateful to have them. After the last couple of mornings, I'm able to appreciate them.

Things with my family are going a bit better. My mom got over being devastated that we can't really afford the trip home for Christmas and offered to pay for it. I thought about the offer for awhile and opted to decline it, and stay here instead. Tom and I could both really use the few extra days of work right now. We should be much better off in a month, so we are going to try to do it at the end of January. I'm pretty sad about the whole thing... I miss my mom a lot. I still call her every day, and we're quite close. But soon enough.

She is having surgery tomorrow. She has some sort of mass in her uterus. It's apparantly benign, but still... she didn't tell me about it until Sunday. She found out three weeks ago. I'll grant her that I am a notorious worrier and that is a valid excuse, but if I didn't tell her about something that major with my body, she'd be livid.

Nonetheless, I will try my best to make the most out of Christmas up here away from my family. Tom pointed out that a family is a group of people you love and that blood doesn't mean much, and that I more or less have a family up here, whether I realize it or not. Perhaps he's right, but I still miss my mommy.
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Red letter day!

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