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Journal rosewood's Journal: Slashdot readers are idiots (me too)

Okay, so there was this article that was picked up by a blog that was picked up by digg that was picked up by slashdot. Whew that was a log of pass arounds.

Anyways, it was about how most people don't know whats up when it comes to HDTV. They plug their shit in and expect it to work. I told of my salon where this is a problem. Then the confusion comes in... am I male? am I female? Why would I have my nails done? Why do I go to a salon?

Slashdot comment readers are idiots. I say this because I am an idiot and I read the comments PLUS I READ THE COMMENTS. IDIOTS. Morons. Stupid fucks.

Its called wanting to look nice. Its called enjoying a bit of high society. There is nothing non-manly about getting the shit out from under your nails, getting a nice hair cut, enjoying a beer and a game while you do it, all whilst T&A walks around you. However, the idiots around here are so quick to draw gender lines that it makes me think that they HAVE to be idiots to have such 5th grade gender mentality.

Shoot yourselves please.

(Bonus: Find the spelling errors!)

The greatest productive force is human selfishness. -- Robert Heinlein