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Journal Epona's Journal: Snow

Yesterday we got our first real snow. It wasn't much...a couple inches. Still it seemed enough that they could make a pretty decent sized snowman outside of the dorm, complete with cigarettes and nipples (frighteningly representative of our dorm life). It was a snowman decapitating good time last night.

It was also enough that my friend's brother got in a pretty serious car accident outside of Boston :-\ Haven't heard anything yet, but I hope he's okay.

On that same note, one of our teachers hydroplaned on her way to class last Thursday, flipped her car and died on the way to teach. :-(

They are predicting more snow for tonight...more significant this time. I've heard anywhere from 2-4" to 6-12" so who knows. All I know is it better be clear enough for me to get to my horse, and definitely clear enough for me to make the 9 hour drive home in 10 days (wow only 10 days?)

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