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Christmas Cheer

Journal Torinir's Journal: It's the most depressing time of the year... 2

Yes, it's that time... time when all the jingles, carols and supercharged commercial tripe come out in ultrabright, flashing neon colors.

Most people will be merrily visiting family and friends this holiday season. For those of us who won't have significant others or accessible family, this time of year is a painful one.

I've not had someone special to spend Christmas with for a few years now, and this will be the first one that I'm not able to work on Christmas Day. That's going to hurt... every other year I was at least able to mitigate that absolute emptiness I feel by working my ass off, with my friends at work. Not this time. The phone queue is closed on Sundays, which the 25th falls on this year.

I'd rather be dead than spend Christmas alone...
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It's the most depressing time of the year...

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  • Hey, Fellow slashdotter "friend" here. I don't take lightly even passing references like your last sentence in your journal entry.

    Find something other than computers or call centers for Christmas. Volunteer at the soup kitchen or the food bank.. .Heck, if they don't need any, even go have dinner with them!

    Whatever, take care -- find people and spend Christmas with them (anyone's house for dinner?).

    Hope you do find someone for your future Christmas's.

    Take care, and Best Regards

    • I'm looking into some options here. I don't know how well they'll pan out, given that my transportation options are walking and taxi. No bus service on Xmas and I don't drive due to vision problems.

      I'll have to see what the roommate is going to be doing on that day, though I was informed that it involved their family and I tend to get very uncomfortable in that scenario. Fine if it was just a group of friends, but family time is for family, imo.

      I think there's a nearby center that will be having somethi

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