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Journal orthogonal's Journal: Slashdot fans! Help me! 9

I've got a number of fans, and I've never asked for anything other than that you appreciate my comments here.

But now I need your help.

A spark jumped from my finger and now my Touchstream LP keyboard is dead. Like the parrot in the Python skit. Dead.

Windows plug-and-play doesn't recognize it at all.

So I need your help.

Can anyone either

  • suggest possible repairs
  • or, tell me where I can get a replacement?

Neither of these are easy: the keyboard uses capacitance to track fingers, so the spark may have burnt those out, or -- since it doesn't respond at all -- the main circuit board may be fried.

And the manufacturer of the Touchstream has been bought up, and Touchstream keyboards are no longer manufactured.

Please, Obi-Wan, ^HHHH er, Slashdot fans, you're my only hope.

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Slashdot fans! Help me!

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  • what a bummer! I never saw one of those before, they look NEAT! Best guesss I would have is start hitting ebay and other online auction sites. Maybe put a "wanted" ad in craigslist?
    • by turg ( 19864 ) *
      Searching completed auctions on eBay, I see two have sold in the past two weeks. One with a Buy-It-Now price of $199 and one went for $500 at auction.
  • Not only does it look cool it has a hefty price tag on it. A few ideas in no particular order.

    I would take this to an expert. Find a company that does VCR or DVD repairs and ask them if they can fix it. They will say "no, we don't do those." which will prime you for the next obvious question of "who does".

    If that doesn't work you may try to go through amazon.com [amazon.com] and see if you can request that item from another seller. They may have one used you could get.

    The troubleshooting guide [fingerworks.com] doesn't have a lo
  • When you first turn on the computer, before Windows loads, before the hard drive is accessed, can you use this keyboard to get to the computer's bios settings? In other words, does it work any at all?

    Does it plug into just the keyboard socket with the mouse socket left unused, or does it have a plug for each? If only one plug have you tried it in the mouse socket?

    Have you tried it on other computers?

    Does it have NumLock, CapsLock, and ScrollLock indicators? Do these still light up momentarily during the

    • Answers: No, it doesn't work at all. when windows queries it as a USB device, it apparently returns nothing.

      No, it plugs into USB and is seen by windows as both a mouse and a keyboard (i.e., as two HIDs (Human Interface Devices)

      No, I haven't tried it on other computers.

      It has no indicators.
      • Try it on some other computer. Try some other USB keyboard on your computer. Open up the keyboard, find what will probably be one integrated circuit, copy all the printing on it and post it and maybe I can help you track down a replacement chip source.
  • I know it might *hurt* but try another keyboard till you can find a replacement. If you want to kown the the really geeky way - pull it apart, see if you can fix it yourself, post the requisite googleing.

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