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Journal Epona's Journal: Intro To Computers 8

This is an exercise in tedium. I have to take a freshman intro to computers class. So far we have learned to make bullet points and copy and paste things into word. Jesus Christ I want to kill myself.
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Intro To Computers

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  • yeah that is teh suck.

    you should write scripts while you are waiting for everyone to catch up that shakes their screens.

    That or go to the prof and say, "Gimmie the final now."
    • That or go to the prof and say, "Gimmie the final now."

      Seriously. You should at least look into this option, as most schools will allow you to do that. Or you could try what fiancé did and just switch to a higher class on your own by going through the desired class's professor.

      • Okay now here's the sad part :-\ I took the test- it was a breeze, but there was quite a large component in it about power point, a program I've used maybe three times. I faked my way through most of it, but it was a timed test, I ran out of time and ended up failing. Every question I answered I got right, but I didn't have the time to muck around with their testing software and find how to do all the various things. Too bad I can't see ever needing an in depth understanding of this program when I'm cleanin
    • Yeah, I tested out of Introduction to Microcomputer Applications I and II. I never went to either class, I just took the tests.
  • For me, it was high school. Luckily the prof had two interesting rules: You could have free time if you finished the assignment quickly, and you could play any game that you programmed yourself. That's what got me interested in 6502 Assembly Language (we only had Apple IIes in the room).
  • I am thinking about taking some courses at a local community college, and one of them is an "Intro to computers" class. I hope to God I can test out of it, because I have taught classes like that (like 10 years ago) :-\
  • ...I had to teach one of those courses.

    Imagine not only doing these exercises, but having the pleasure to watch students (who are far too advanced to be made to take this course) do them, and then on top of that, having one or two students in the class that somehow made it to an engineering college without having used a computer extensively. :-/

    Oh! A bit of nostalgia today as my parents returned to me my saddle, which had been stored away in their attic. Goodness, how I miss riding. That saddle is get
    • It's fantastic that some of the students in this class are actually in college for some technology degree or other hehe. Interesting choice of field for them I suppose. Oh yeah..after you oil it really well, give it a good soaking in neatsfoot keeps the dyes in place and it'll make it last about twice as long. If ya miss it, get back into it! I stopped riding for about 6 months and I was miserable. When I went home for a week for thanksgiving I was calling my barn everyday to check on my horse..go

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