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Microsoft Release XP SP1

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  • This subject has been covered not once [] , but twice []. The latter article is on the frontpage as we speak! Such negligence in unacceptable. D-
    • Prof. Collins,
      While I admire your mind-boggling capability to discover my journal entry, I must remind you that my entry was not intended solely as you seem to have seen it. Instead, my entry was designed to bring to the forefront knowledge of the service pack and to provide a forum for the discussion of Microsoft's patching style, and patching style in general (note the entry above, where I reference Redhat's patching style). By focusing solely on the content, you miss the subtext which gives meaning to the entry, and thereby increases the overall worth thereof.

      Perhaps better results could have been achieved via the submission of the other version of this story, together with a long-winded narrative suitable for Ask Slashdot. I had hoped the users and editors would see the intent of this article, even without such trappings.


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