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Journal WillWare's Journal: New job, fun with CVS

I lost my job in March (which is OK because it was sucking pretty hard) and got a new job in late July. The work is interesting but the schedules are a bit too hectic for my taste, and there's a lot to learn.

I have always had a mental block with CVS. Now I actually understand why: there are no books, very little good documentation, and whatever people may tell you, CVS really does have some non-trivial complexities to it. So I had always been one of these people who could never quite figure out what's going on at Sourceforge. But now that I'm in a culture of heavy CVS users, and I'm connected to the oral tradition, I'm finding that I really admire CVS and cvsweb.

At one place I worked, there was a very good source code repository system that was also connected to the bug log in a rather elegant way, so that if you did a check-in with a comment that it fixed a bug, the bug log was automatically updated to reflect that. I don't know if it's possible to connect CVS to a bug log in that way.

I've set up a CVS server at home, and thrown several stupid little projects on there, instead of dumping them on alt.sources all the time. Though I gotta say, the benefit of alt.sources is that if my machine crashes, they're still there on Google. Maybe I should adopt a reasonable backup policy.

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