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Journal pezstar's Journal: WWSD 9

On our way out of town on Wednesday, Tom and I saw what I was certain was a crazy girl standing in Central Square, wearing next to nothing, holding a sign reading "Need $ for boob job". We figured it was a dare or a sorority prank.

I'm an avid farker. I check fark about 6,000 times a day. Fark gave me my answer.

In other news, for the last several days, I've changed my philosophy from "Say what you want, when you want" to "WWSD". WWSD stands for What Would Solemn Do. It started when Tom's mother expressed disgust at the sweater I intended to wear to Thanksgiving dinner and picked out and purchased a new one for me. My first instinct was to be offended and bitchy about it. But just before I let loose, I thought "Hmm. That's never gotten me anywhere. What would Solemn do?" I smiled, thanked her graciously, and wore the sweater to thanksgiving dinner. Instead of having my boyfriend's mother hate me for being rude, she likes me, and I have a pretty new sweater. All I had to do to get the pretty sweater was smile and wear it.

The same philosophy works well with other things. Instead of being angry that I can't have sticky buns, I can learn to make my OWN sticky buns. Instead of being an outright bitch to the plethora of girls in Doylestown, PA who made it blatantly clear over the Thanksgiving holiday that they want my boyfriend and are not happy to meet me, I smiled, took his hand and held my head up high. With a particularly determined girl, i just reached over and played with Tom's hair while conversing with her about Universities in North Carolina in a natural tone of voice. It is quite possible to say "MY BOYFRIEND" without being confrontational. The added bonus of this is that no one can say "Tom, your girlfriend is a bitch," because I wasn't!

So yes. I think WWSD is a fine philosophy to keep my big mouth from getting me in trouble, and maybe a little healthier too. So thanks, Solemn!
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  • if you stick with G, not E or W - the sweater might otherise get burnt.

    I have learned from Sol as well and am looking forward to meeting her in person one day.

  • first off... you rawk!

    taking the high road is never anything to regret and always alway always means you've out classed those that didn't.

    yes... having solemn as a quiet voice in the back of your head is a pretty good idea. i find myself using it more and more often.

    she's pretty wonderful like that :)

    anyway, good for you... the high road... now that's class :)
  • It wasn't a plethora. Second of all, you were the one that instisted that we call Alyssa and inform her I was in the state. I intended to do no such thing for the sole purpose of avoiding that conflict.

    But yeah, other than that, it's pretty much accurate.

    My sticky buns better be intact when I get home tonight :-P
  • gah. At the back of MY mind i have a determined voice saying over and over, "SHUT UP AND PLAY NICE! SHUT UP AND PLAY NICE!"

    It doesn't always win.

    But when you have a choice between classy response and crazy- always choose classy, because you'll never regret smiling sweetly and bearing it the way you might regret burning her house down and pelting her with rocks as you dance around waving the tattered remnants of her pride in your bloody fist.

    Not that i would've thought of such a thing... *puts down rocks and
    • I CAN be nice. I just haven't really done so in a long time. I am very well known for being abrasive and bitchy... and until quite recently I've liked being that way. Being around Tom has been good for me, because I'm not on edge. I'm so used to being on edge, but when he's around, it feels like it's all going to be ok, and I'm safe and don't have to protect myself anymore.

      I like your voice in the back of my head. It's reasonable, and it's the way that I hope to grow up to think.

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