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Journal techsoldaten's Journal: This is just a test

This is a test of my online journal system at Slashdot. I have a lot to write about, mostly non-technical in the common sense, but sharable nonetheless.

* The things I need to write down: *
The vicious cost waterfalls of Six Flags
The joys of Vermont and the family farm
Bringing my daughter to work with me this summer
My parents breaking up
My Dad's family coming back together
Katie growing from a 4 to a 6
The bunk bed
Katie starting soccer practice.
Being asked to coach soccer.
Law School and how important the SAT was
Trying to get some education! I miss academics
Java. Cold Fusion. PHP. Postgres. SAPDB. 3DSMax. Other means of wasting free time.
Being laid off from Lockheed Martin.
Being *ahem* laid off from other places...
The good job where I can be late and not lynched.
Free Diet Sodas.
The voice on that cartoon I saw last night with the siamese twins - I know that voice from another cartoon but can't remember - OH WAIT KATIE'S FAVORITE TIME SQUAD!!!
The Redskins and Shane Matthews going 327 yards on opening day
The Orioles losing 10 in a row after finally reaching .500 ... and all the other wonderful things in the world.

UNIX is many things to many people, but it's never been everything to anybody.