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Journal Work Account's Journal: Xbox 360 for one of my Slashdot friends 3

Hi all.

I have an extra Xbox 360 Core system that I would rather sell to one of my Slashdot friends than some random dude on an auction site.

Email your best offer in the $700 range to me at

I also request that whoever gets it from me sends a pic back of you or your kid playing it so I get some joy out of the hours I stood waiting in line in the cold while sick :)

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Xbox 360 for one of my Slashdot friends

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  • Um...

    Why did you wait in the cold while sick to buy an XBox 360 and now you offer it for sale on Slashdot?

    • I just read your Journal Entry, and it's sorta fitting given this J.E.'s topic.

      Honestly, I was happy that I got GLTron to run smooth (With all the doodads) on my Celerey-on 1.2ghz with 512 mb. I hate PC gaming because I hate having to have a $3000 PC (including all upgrades). Give me PS2 or give me MAME.
      • I hear ya. A few years ago, I blew $600 on upgrading my system and then couldn't play Unreal Tournament 2003 with any decent performance. That was about the last of PC gaming for me.

When a fellow says, "It ain't the money but the principle of the thing," it's the money. -- Kim Hubbard