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Journal Profane Motherfucker's Journal: Medic 2

I'm going to paramedic school. I'm being serious, too. I really am going to paramedic school. So about 14 months from now, the good people of a particular medium- to large-sized city will have the incredible joy of seeing me pump their veins full of fluids and odd elixers, then taking them to the hospital.

It could be a city near you! Eat hearty portions this holiday! Lots of egg nog and gristle! Have another three or five tom and jerry's drinks. 1000s of lucky winners each day!

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  • by mekkab ( 133181 )
    You moving to Sioux Falls?

    Have fun correcting everybody that says "Ambulance driver!"

    /I know, its EMT.
    • I'm okay with that. As an EMT-B, you're really not going to do much more than drive the ambulance. When nurses refer to ambulance driver, and it is usually nursing home staff, it's helpful to correct them and ask if they're just an ass wiper. The point is communicated.

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