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Journal Eccles's Journal: Is this a new ebay change? It's disturbing if so 2

On ebay these days, when you go to bid:

"Reminder: Even if you don't bid again, you could still end up as the winning bidder if higher bids are retracted or canceled. Continue to check the status of this item until it ends."

Well that's wonderful. Place a bid, get outbid, go to buy the same thing from a different seller, and you could still be on the hook for the first one. How long has ebay had this policy?

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Is this a new ebay change? It's disturbing if so

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  • ... but I suppose if other people can cancel their bids, then so can you, when you go to make other arrangements.
    • The conditions under which you can cancel ebay bids are fairly restrictive, so you could be in a position where the high bidder can cancel, but you can't.

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