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Journal Abm0raz's Journal: New ultra-funny #1 must see show 2

Now that Mind of Mencia is in re-run status till February, I had to find another equally funny, yet thought-provokingly offensive show to watch.

Friends, neighbors, secret lovers ... set your DVRs to Cartoon Network's (Adult Swim) at 11pm Sunday nights for: The Boondocks.

I nearly pissed my pants after just seeing the first episode.

Some choice quotes from the movie:

Riley: You think we in trouble?
Huey: You just shot his grandson out a window. What'chu think?

Grandad: See? That's what Im talkin' about right there. We don't use the "N-word" in this house.
Huey: Grandad, you said the word nigger 46 times yesterday. I counted.
Grandad: Nigger-hush.

Huey: Grandad, you can't tame the white supremicist power structure with cheese.
Grandad: Yes I can.

Huey: Grandad, you cannot force me to be someone I'm not.
Grandad: The hell I can't. You gonna go. And you're not gonna embarrass me in front of my new neighbor.
Riley: Why can't we be ourselves. Why can't I be me? Are you ashamed of me?
Grandad: VERY!

interesting note: The line "He looks like he jacks off with Icy-Hot." was not bleeped, the the very next line, "He looks like he jerks off with gerbils" was (the word jerks).

Give it a look-see.


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New ultra-funny #1 must see show

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