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Journal Cliff's Journal: Utterly Lame Shock Value -- (Lost Spoilers) 4

OK. I just finished up watching this week's Lost, and I gotta say...

Oh wait. Thar be spoilers in dese hills. I'll wait while the folks who DIDN'T read the parenthetical in the title to avert their eyes and click the "Back" button.

Oh wait. Who am I kidding. This is Slashdot. And if you didn't read the title, then there isn't much I can do to prevent the spoilage since Journals (mistakenly) don't have an introtext/bodytext like stories do.

I'd submit a patch, but I doubt TPTB would take it. Oh yes! Smell the irony.

Maybe they'd take a patch for a <spoiler> tag. Hmmm....

Oh! I digress...

Enough spoiler space, yet?

Eh...that should do it...

Now it seems that Abrams and Lindelof (and primarily Liz Samoff, who wrote this particular bundle of joy) enjoy torturing their viewers. It took them a single episode to get me hooked, a half season to get the plot really moving, another half season (or more) to finally get to the mystery of the hatch, and a season and a half to finally get me to like Shannon.

And one scene to kill her off in the lamest piece of shock value I have seen on network TV in a looong time.

Now, of course, I'll be back to watch next week, being the shameless, addicted vidiot that I am, but it just irks me that as soon as they make a character worth watching they kill them off.

It's.... it's.... it's ...shameless TV formula, and I thought Lost was above that. Silly me. Last time I expect to be surprised by TV.

Ah well, that's Boone gone, now Shannon gone. At least they didn't get rid of Michael. That would have really pissed me off.

You may now proceed to make fun of me in the comments...
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Utterly Lame Shock Value -- (Lost Spoilers)

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  • you are providing an important service. I stopped watching before the first season was over and this helps me realize I made the right choice. Everything gets way too dragged out. But they want to make the show last so its going to be that way until more people give up. Then if the die hard fans are lucky there will be some slapped together ending - otherwise they'll just drop it.
    • Of when TV shows actually had a PLOT in mind before the first episode was ever written.

      Those days came and went with Babylon 5, unfortunately.

      It would be nice to create a series with an actual beginning and an end and a set length, but for Today's American Entertainment Networks, such a thing would never sell.
  • ... annabella, whom we all have firmly labelled 'cold hearted bitch' just pissed off an Iraqi with a penchance for torture...

    I was convinced they were going to kill off Walt. The kid is gonna start growing, here, real soon, so they have to do something to maintain they were only on the island for a little while. So I'm guessing they won't save him for a few seasons so he can grow.
    • Talk about issues. The man has given his heart to two women in his life and they both leave him. Life just isn't fair. And did you see the look on his face at the end of the episode?

      Yeah. I wouldn't want to be Anna Lucia right now. My guess is that girl is in for a whole world full of hurt.

      However! -- On the issue of 'cold hearted bitch', I think the next episode might bring an explanation as to why she is the way she is. If you've watched the group you've survived with wittled away, day by day, espec

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