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Journal polysylabic psudonym's Journal: Smokescreen

First of all, open up Your Rights at Work in a tab. Get back to it later.
Secondly, if you're in Australia, get some leave for the morning of 15 November and get along to the National Day of Community Protest. Bring the family, friends, random strangers you meet on the street. This is going to be BIG. You'll regret it if you miss it.

Now, this is why I'm telling you to do this: Today, 2 November, the Australian Government tabled their 700 page example of how to return industrial relations to the Victorian era.
I've called this entry "smokescreen" because as they tabled the bill the government also declared that there was a new "credible terrorist threat". Guess they hoped we wouldn't notice them sneaking in our until now secret industrial relations "reforms".
It's worse than any of us thought. And I know some pessemists with good imaginations. See the website I linked to above for better info.
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