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Journal the_mad_poster's Journal: Meet Alito 21

A man who believes the only thing lower in the pecking order than a dirty liberal is a dirty whore out of her burkha.

There's nothing that warms the cockles of my heart quite like a guy who argued that a woman who gets raped, deceived (e.g. - tampering with birth control), or beaten by her husband can't get an abortion unless she... asks her husband if it's okay.

Nice. Way to go righties. You're real outstanding examples of the human species. Thanks for spreading the love.

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Meet Alito

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  • Shut up and hold out for 4 more years.

    But thats what you told me 4 years ago! What if a Dem doesn't get elected next time?

    Well, then we'll invent some kind of new medical technology to keep you alive until they do get elected!!
    • Fuck Sandra. Fuck her in her dry old twat. If she hadn't voted for Georgie Boy in 2000, she wouldn't be in this predicament.
      • No, fuck the DNC for running an uncharismatic, waffling, indecisive dumbass like John Kerry instead of sticking with Dean.

        And get over 2000 already. They won it fair and square. Besides, that was also the DNC's fault for going with another uncharismatic dumbass like Al Gore. But don't blame me, I voted for Bill Bradley.

        And if we (Dems) nominate another uncharismatic dumbass or that bitch Hillary instead of Howard Dean, Bill Bradley, hell even John Edwards would be OK, we'll lose again. And we'll deserve

  • Maybe it's the last act of desperation - these guys are so deep in the shitter, why not go ahead and appoint someone like this? Not like it can lower their approval ratings any further, and what an opportunity to make one last, permanent, impact.

    • They can distract from the stink in their own pants, by blaming Dems when the whole confirmation process explodes into nastyness.
      • The Democrats should not oppose this nominee. They should let the Republicans overturn Roe v. Wade. Then take the White House in 2008 as a result.
        • If Roe were overturned, assuming the Democrats could take the House and Senate, would there be a chance of passing a constitutional amendment to restore it? This might be an interesting Plan B for the Dems.
          • Constitutional amendments are very hard to pass. This would be a very risky strategy.

          • Of course... this entire process plays politics with the lives of all the women who suffer in the interim....
          • My predictions if Roe is overturned:

            1. If the GOP still controls Congress, there will be Federal legislation to attempt to outlaw abortions. (if it can actually pass is another question entirely)
            2. If the Democrats control Congress, there will be Federal legislation to keep the law as it currently stands.
            3. Regardless of what Congress does many states will pass laws to keep things as they are now, while many other states outlaw abortion to one degree or another.
            4. All of these laws will be challenged in cou
        • Roe v. Wade is safe until another Justice retires. There are currently 5 Justices who support Roe and Casey.

          The relevant questions are:
          1. Will Kennedy move closer to Souter-Bryer-Ginsberg-Stevens in his voting/legal philosiphy? (essentially taking over the O'Connor role)
          2. Where will Roberts voting/actual decisions fall in the ideological spectrum of the court?
          • Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Thomas. You're right.

            I don't like it one little bit. The thing that gets me is that when Clinton chose a nominee, there were dozens of well qualified possible choices. When Bush chose a nominee, there were about a handful.

            • I don't like it one little bit. The thing that gets me is that when Clinton chose a nominee, there were dozens of well qualified possible choices. When Bush chose a nominee, there were about a handful.

              Well actually depending on your criterea there are plenty of potential nominees for Bush to choose from. It isn't like there aren't a fair number of conservative/libertarian judges, legal scholars, lawyers, current and former members of Congress and the like.

              Heck just look at some of the alternatives to Meirs
  • by ces ( 119879 ) *
    I kind of wish he'd picked Luttig instead. While Luttig is *VERY* conservative, he seems, like Roberts, hesitant to overturn prior preceedents.

    On the flipside, it also would have been better if he had picked a full blown 'Constitution in Exile' type who wants to overturn almost every Federal law and Supreme Court decision since 1898 since many moderate Republicans might have a problem voting for a completely rabid Federalist Society follower.
  • Because we all know, single issue litmus tests are the be-all end-all. You're just playing into the same trap the GOP is, from the other side.

    Would it be bad for the country for the supremes to overturn Roe v Wade? Damn straight it would. Would it be bad for the country to have a nominee who's a crony of a criminal president? Much much worse. And don't give me that "hold one 4 more years" shit either. She's OLD. She wants time with her family and husband before one or both of them kick it. Damn if y

    • There's a difference between a single-issue litmus test and pointing out that this guy's position on the matter was, in fact, that the state legislature had the power to make a wife subservient to a husband on individual medical issues.

      Quit playing this "oh we have to be fair" bullshit. The guy is a mysognistic fuck and that's why he appeals to that subset of the conservatives that still gets all bleary eyed when it thinks about the "good old days" where you could just pop a bitch in the left eye to make he

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